7 Curly Hair Products with a Religious Following

2012-10-01 14:19:50

7 Curly Hair Products with a Religious Following

A few curly hair products on every newbies wish list and the first we recommend to friends.

Curly haired woman in the shampoo aisle

There are products and brands that since the dawn of the curly hair movement have been around. There are countless threads on them singing their praises and there isn’t a naturalista who isn’t in love with them. They are our tried and true products, the ones on every newbies wish list and the first we recommend to friends. So for those of you who may not know the brands I speak of, here is a list of curly hair products with a cult following.

Qhemet Biologics

From the moment I entered the naturally curly world, it was made clear to me that Qhemet was the ‘ish,’ and its awesomeness was not  to be questioned. These products contain so many yummy rich ingredients that it is no wonder natural women everywhere are hoarding this stuff and would be willing to demonstrate should Qhemet ever dare shut down its operation.

Oyin Handmade

Like Qhemet Biologics, Oyin Handmade is another brand that has somehow managed to come out with a whole line of products that everyone loves. As I type this, there is not a product in Oyin’s all-star lineup that is really disliked. While everyone may not love every product, every product has its own cult following. But, then again, this is not surprising seeing as love is listed on their ingredients list.

Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

This may be just about the only product from Jane Carter that gets ratings. Most women immensely dislike their curl cream and I have yet to see many reviews on their other products, but Jane Carter Solution's Nourish and Shine is something people can't stop talking about. And you know this product has to be well liked if people continue to purchase it at $22 for 4oz, #justsayin.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard + Knot Today

The war waged between Eco Styler and Kinky Curly has been a long and ongoing one, but I think it is safe to say that Kinky Curly is winning the battle. While both work, many will testify that Kinky Curly is just better all around. When looking for a curling product, many women want hold without crunch, elongation, shine and moisture and Kinky Curly has beaten Eco Styler in all of these categories. The only reason why many are hesitant to give Kinky Curly the title for being the best is the price. Comparing $17 versus $2 has many women willing to compromise and settle, but the truth still stands that Kinky-Curly Curling Custard and Knot Today are favorites. Also the detangling and moisturizing properties of Knot Today is well documented in Curltalk.

Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

A.K.A. Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment

Of all the deep treatments out there in the natural hair community this one is so highly recommended. Don’t believe me? Start a thread and ask women their opinions on DCs, and for every five comments there should be at least one singing the praises of Jessicurl. It’s rumored to have angel dust and unicorn horns in it, which would explain its strengthening and moisturizing properties. Also the fact that it can be used both as a DC and leave-in, helping to secure it a spot as the best all natural DC.

Shea Moisture

This is an interesting case in the sense that I’m not quite sure that everyone loves this brand, but its name seems to be splashed all around the interweb for the simple fact that it is cheap and readily available, unlike most natural products that have to be purchased online and that come with the "all natural price tag." But for those who have tried Shea Moisture and who do love it, they become hooked. I guess it’s like licorice — you either really love it or hate it. Either way, you simply cannot be indoctrinated into the natural hair cult if you have a Target in your area and you have not tried Shea Moisture.

Karen's Body Beautiful

From this line, the curly products that get the most shine are the Luscious Locks Hair Mask and the Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner. After having tried both of these, all I have to say is, “GUUUUURLLL this is the truth!” They must have put their foot in it because the moment I applied the hair masque, my curls began to pop and tangles were melted immediately with the leave-in. Both products get 5 out of 5 afro puffs. But I am not the only one. Many women are in love with these products. The only gripe is the price tag, but if you can afford it, then go for it.

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Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried any curly hair products on the list, then climb out from the rock you’ve been living under and pull out your credit card, head over to CurlMart and commence shopping in three, two, one…




I can't believe that not one Deva product is listed. Deva girls are absolutely fanatical about the One conditioner, appropriately named because often, you need nothing else. At the very least, I expected to see Heaven in Hair. This is the best stuff I've ever used. Pricey, but effective and easily stretched. I get 2nd and 3rd day hair (3B,with some 2B and 3A mixed in.) Love this product line.
I also love Shea Moisture and Curl Junkie. Curl Junkie has the most amazing products; surprised they didn't make it to the list. Maybe because it's a farely new company.
I also love Shea Moisture and Curl Junkie. Curl Junkie has the most amazing products; surprised they didn't make it to the list. Maybe because it's a farely new company
I think that curl junkie should of definitely been on this list
KCCC made my hair SO crunchy and dry, the KT is the best conditioner I've ever used in my life, but I use Ecostyler because my hair holds without any crunch. And Shea Moisture is the best thing since sliced bread imo, I use it for myself and my daughter... she has all of the baby products :)
I LOVE Shea Moisture products! I recommend them to everyone I know with natural hair and they all love it too!
I wish the photo would be replaced, I realize it's a stock photo, but her hair is terrible; I say this because it looks like mine before it's all the way dried, or when I've messed up and used WAY too much junk in it and not yet Scrunched Out The Crunch. Also the color change between her grungy roots and light blonde fluff tips is so dramatic if she were my friend I would immediately and with love let her know it's time for a trim. If this were a photo of me, like I said, same hair, I'd be mortified and ask to burn the negative. =(
I agree with wavyone! What about Curl Junkie?????
Whaaat, no Curl Junkie!? LOL.