Q: I keep hearing a lot about meadowfoam. What is it and why does it show up in so many hair products?

Ouidad: Meadowfoam is a white, flowered herbacious plant that gets its name because of its resemblance to the ocean. It is used in hair-care products in the form of a light, non-greasy oil. It contains 98 percent of unique, long-chain fatty acids and higher quality triglyceride levels when compared to other oils. These fatty acids and triglycerides offer moisturizing and rejuvenating capabilities, making it a good hydrator for the skin and hair.

This natural ingredient works particularly well in hair care because of its non-greasy consistency, which won't weight the hair down or damage it. It's actually one of the only oils I suggest using on hair. Meadowfoam deeply penetrates the hair cuticle to deeply hydrate without leaving hair limp, lifeless and greasy. It also contains UV protecting agents, which shield the hair from sun damage and provide thermal protection.

Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoam is a chief ingredient in Ouidad Curl Quencher Gel, a conditioning and holding gel that quenches dry, frizzy hair. The formulation of this gel combines skin-care ingredients with specialized hair-care ingredients to create a unique styling product. It's ideal for color-treated, permed or chemically treated hair.