Nature at its best

When I think of curls, I think of Zen Philosophy. Zen mind. Beginners mind. Zen everyday. A new day. That's when you're accepting that everyday with your curls is a new day. And instead of being intimidated, mad, or sad with them, your attitude towards them should be: 'OK then, what's it going to be today? Yes, maybe they could've, should've, would've been better, but I love them anyway and any way.'

Q: In the "Curly Girl" book, you say NO SILICONES. However, in your products, you use amodimethicone and I was wondering what made you change your mind on that.-- Liz
Lorraine Massey: At the time the book was written, my research on silicones was very thorough. As with most things, there are always advancements and new developments. Our incredible chemist introduced Amodimethicone to me like this: Most silicones  disturb or pull the follicle, causing hair to lose its own natural color. Amodimethicone is found to protect the natural color of hair. So, although it's a silicone, it's a long-distance cousin to the bad ones.  Having new information like this to share is why there will be a follow-up book to Curly Girl.  Q: I am curious if you are planning to make a Deep Treatment product, or any other products? We are product junkies here. What about another book?-- Jenny  Lorraine Massey: One Condition is as deep as you can get. If you add heat or steam, it makes a truly deeply One Condition.Future products: include 'Bee Leave-In,' a leave in conditooner, and 'Set It Free,'  a finishing spray. 

Yes, there will be a follow-up book to Curly Girl. 

Q: How often do you think a deep treatment should be done? My hair tends to be a bit dry, especially in the winter, so I have been doing a moisturizing deep treatment once a week and a protein treatment once per month. My hair is very curly (3B, I think) but thin and fine. Should I do an apple-cider vinegar rinse, lemon-aid, or regular condition cleanse before doing a deep treatment? -- Iro
Lorraine Massey: I don't believe in protein. It makes the hair feel dryer.  Are you sure you're putting in enough conditioner?  If you are using enough, that IS deep conditioning.   Q: If I decide to color my hair, should I do a treatment before or after coloring? Or should I do a protein treatment before and a moisturizing treatment after? I have never colored my hair because I was always afraid that it would damage it too much. Now that my hair is in much better condition (thanks to the Curly Girl routine!) I am tempted to try it.
Lorraine Massey: You've got the idea. Once you treat your hair well, (daily, weekly) the pavement is a moist one and the hair becomes pliable and the least damage is imposed upon the hair. The “treatment” to do before coloring is to be using No-Poo and One Condition.  If you are true to a shampoo free routine and your moisture has been recovered, you do not need protein.  
Q: The no shampoo routine has worked fabulously for the summer months but this winter my hair is flat and dull. Do I need to use more conditioner or less this season. -- Elleces
Lorraine Massey: Less. Why? Because there's less humidity. For a humidity boost, mix AnGel and Mist-er Right.  Q: I have heard that you give the OK to other shampoo free method compatible brands of products, such as some from Nexxus and Nioxin, I believe. If so, what are some specific conditioners, cleansers and gels (besides the Deva line) that might be worth for us product junkies to check out?  -- Cindy  Lorraine Massey: I'm sorry to disappoint you. I, like you, have been searching all my life for what I have and how I feel about my hair. Right now it's the first time it finally feels right.  I could safely say I'm committed to being happy and my hair is a hundred times better now than in the pictures in my book! DevaCurl wasn't out then. I'm sorry I can't recommend anything unless I believe in it.   Q: Angell seems to be too light for some of us 3-4 type hair. Any chances of creating a gel with more hold in the future?
Lorraine Massey: Use more. It works on most 3-4 types, but you must be honest with the rest of the CG routine.  
Q: My hair is very curly 3b/c? Does doing the CG routine make it curlier?  Lorraine Massey: It makes it what it is, not what it's not. My curls surprise me every single day. My responsibility to them is to keep them hydrated and love 'em and leave 'em (alone).  Have a Curly New Year!