Q: I have for all of my life wanted my curly hair to extend beyond my shoulders. I now see more and more models with lovely long curly styles. How are they achieving this length? Are they really “straight” haired people who have had extremely long hair permed? Do any of the “hair vitamins” on the market work with curly hair or are they all gimmicks? In this day and age has any research found a way to increase terminal length? Thank you so much. — Fran 

Ouidad: Curly hair, being in a corkscrew shape with the outer layer (cuticle layer”> lifted causes the internal layer to dissipate (to evaporate from environmental conditions”> and causes the hair to weaken. It also slows down its growth pattern which could/should be half an inch a month. Now, the reason I recommend to do a Deep Treatment every two weeks: more strength in the molecular layer and in return increased length. I have won many bets with my clients about hair not growing. Unless a medical problem is present, your hair will grow. You see, our hair has to eat to survive, just as we do. Remember a good diet helps too: vitamins, exercise, etc. 

Q: Although my just-below-my-shoulder and all-one-length hair is curly it is extremely fine. Having it all one length often results in a bell-shaped hairdo, but when I’ve had long layers cut, my hair then looks sparse and thin and the layers are “see-through”. What kind of cut can I get that won’t be the bell-shaped “all one length” but will create the fullness and curl that layered hair has without looking like I need a hair cut rather than I just got one?

Ouidad: Your question is a common one. The slicing and carving technique that I developed will create a visual layered effect on your hair without making it “see through.” By strategically placing a carve or a slice in your curl pattern, your curls to sit into each other, giving the hair almost an architectural support to hold the hair into its shape, which gives us the freedom to create anything and your style will last up to 3 months because of it strategic design. You can do anything with curly hair once you understand it and work with it, not against it.

Q: I have absolutely gorgeous grey hair (lots and lots of compliments on the color”>. I love it and will keep it. But the problem is that I have both thin and fine hair in different degrees of curls on my head. The back is drier and tends to kink more than the rest of my head. I wear it short. My hair is so thin in the front that you can see my scalp. How do I deal with this and what type of hair cut should I be getting? The guy who cuts my hair has curly hair himself so I think he should know but I am not sure. Your hair cutting technique, while probably the best for curly hair, is I’m sure for just those with a head full of hair.Any suggestions, comments would be appreciated. — Jean

Ouidad: Celebrate those natural curls and color, Jean! I love people who love their curls. Actually, because slicing and carving is sooo strategic, it works great on situations like your hair. First the back tight area can be carved to place the curl into each other with any design you desire. If they’re too tight, you can soften just that spot. I do that all the time in my salon. Spot softening is a big thing you can do to areas that need it, and it’s common for curly hair to have more than one or several curl patterns. Second, a little slicing will give that top a little movement and play and allows you to interlock the curl pattern together to eliminate the thin look on top. Have fun. I can only image how beautiful you hair is. Don’t forget that a good styling lotion will help to work it all together.

Q: Ever since I moved to Massachusetts, I haven’t been able to get a curl into my hair–no matter what products I use! I always had corkscrew curls growing up, and whenever I visit another state they come back. What’s wrong with my hair in Massachussets? Could it be something in the water? Thanks for any advice! — Tam Gris

Ouidad: This Northeast winter is trying to kill us. The dryness in the air its sucking the life out of our hair, skin and it’s taking our energy away – let me stop. Iin Massachusetts, your hair is so dehydrated and droopy, so a good Deep Treatment is a must. Curly heads often ignore their hair in the winter. They think its their “Safe Season,” not really understanding the havoc it causes. Curlies usually think the summer time is the “tough time.” But if your internal layer is connected by doing the Deep Treatment (and I mean protein, sulfur, amino acids — not hot oil or heavy moisture”>, you’ll see that your hair will never lose its pulse, no matter how dry the air is. Water is also a big factor. I would recommend the Water Works Shampoo for you because of New England’s notoriously hard water. So, remove hard water minerals and feed your hair.

Q: My daughter is 11 years old and we have been trying product after product on her hair but nothing seems to untangle or keep it moisturized. She is naturally curly, but when I wash it, it’s dry, frizzy and tangled by morning. Blowdrying is a no-no. She wants so much to wear her hair down but it would be a disaster. It looks so beautiful when it’s first washed but it’s horrible when it’s dry. What do you recommend — Joyce Metoyer

Ouidad: This is a very important time for your little one to understand how to handle her hair before she develops the paradigm… “I have uncontrollable hair”. All my clients with middle-school daughters, as well as my own 12-year-old daughter, use and love the Balancing Rinse because it serves several functions. (I’ll save you my famous “less is more” speech.”> It detangles well, and you can leave some in as a leave-in conditioner. If your daughter washes her hair at night, she should pull it back gently into a loose ponytail and place a fabric scunci at the nape of the head to help prevent her hair from tangling while she sleeps. If her hair is very long, be sure to lower the scunci or use two. Also, leave in some of the Balancing Rinse conditioner overnight. In the morning, run water-dampened hands through her hair, or use a spray-in conditioner to help rejuvenate the curls. A Deep Treatment is a savior for this type of dry, tangled hair. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time teaching your daughter to love her curls for life.

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