Editor's note: Ouidad was dismayed at concerns with her column last month and how her remarks were interpreted. She wanted us to share this with you: “I recently discovered that comments I made in a recent reply may have offended some readers. I regret any misunderstanding and I apologize. My statements were meant to be positive as I wanted to cheer Susan on. Thank you, Ouidad.”

Q: I have a hair problem that I hope you can help me out with. My hair is pretty straight on top, probably a 2a. As my hair reaches just below my ears, it becomes fat 3a or 3b curls. I also have some 3b curls around my temples. I don't really know how to deal with my hair, so I generally crop it very short. Now that it's to my shoulders, I blow dry it straight and use a straightening iron. But I live in a very humid climate, and now that it's summer the minute I step out the door, individual hairs curl up on top of my head, making a little frizzy halo. Also, the ends of my hair curl right up into their normal shape. This happens with different products and amounts of product. I've tried working with my curls, but the hair on top ends up dry and frizzy, and the bottom becomes a crunchy, dry lump of curls. I'm tired of fighting my hair and would like to be able to style my hair the way it lies naturally and not have it look horrible. Thanks! Melissa

Ouidad: It’s very natural for a curly head of hair to have three to four different textures of curls. The key to success with any head of curls is to make sure that the internal layer is connected so as to increase the internal weight of the hair. And that’s accomplished by using a deep treatment every two weeks. Once your internal layer is connected, your hair will have its own weight and life and your hair will perform and have more bounce. Naturally, just through the wear and tear of the environment, hair has a tendency to dehydrate, becoming dry and frizzy. On top of that, you blow your hair straight and use a curling iron. Like a dry sponge when put in water, it will expand. But when you put a wet sponge in water you have no reaction. So the goal is to maintain your hair in its best condition. And since you live in a humid climate, a styling lotion like Climate Control is a must. Then you’re home free. You can stop your fighting with your hair and start loving it.

Q: I have a short shag (2-3 inches long). When I let my fine hair dry naturally, I have a lot of soft curls. I would like a product that will enhance my curls so they stay curly all day but without the greasy look I've gotten help from some products. Gels seem to weigh the hair down and are sticky, and mousse just doesn't seem to hold up. I've had long hair all my life and am out of my element. Dee Edwards

Ouidad: The reason I’ve created my “Play Curl” line is because I constantly am addressed with heads of curls that are not strong enough to stay curly and bouncy all day. Play Curl is a boosting line to help boost your curls with out feeling neither sticky nor dry. It gives great life and shine to curls.

Q: I have naturally wavy/curly hair that's pretty thick. I've had about five haircuts in the last two months and I still don't like the way my hair looks. I think what they did is cut it in layers and did some thinning and cut my bangs. The length is a little bit below the ears so it looks messy -- as if all the layers are separate from each other. I've read on your website that curly hair shouldn't be cut in layers and shouldn't be thinned. I hate the way my haircut looks right now. Shall I wait till it grows a bit and then find somebody who uses your technique? Could you recommend a hairdresser/salon in Silicon Valley, CA? I've been to the salons recommended on NaturallyCurly.com and I've not yet been happy. Thank you very much, Yulia

Ouidad: Five hair cuts in two months are plenty for now. I would definitely recommend letting your hair grow a little longer. Wait about 2 to 3 months from you last hair cut. Then try to use one of the certified Ouidad stylists to slice and carve your hair to create movement and make your hair puzzle together. The slicing and carving is used a great deal on clients who wish to grow their hair out without the emotional trauma that we can sometimes experience during this frustrating stage of hair growth. Puzzle means to make your curls work together. Hopefully after my NYC training center opens in the fall, there will be several certified Ouidad stylists in the Silicon Valley.

Q: Unlike a lot of people with curly hair, my hair is both medium fine and coarse. As long as my hair is moisturized, I don't have a problem with frizz. My only problem is that I have so much hair. When I was younger and my hair was not as curly, my hair's texture was coarser than it is now. However, after looking at a lot of sites for curly hair, including yours, I discovered this is rare. But I was not sure if the curlyheads who were sampled were just of white and/or black ancestry. Even though I am not of pure Native American ancestry, a lot of my ancestors were. In fact, my mother has very coarse, straight hair. So I was wondering if having coarse, curly hair is not unusual for curlyheads of Asian/Native American ancestry and is there anything special that I need to know about it. -- Mara

Ouidad: Two to three months ago I was in meetings with the beauty editors of the national magazines, and of course the topic was curly hair. Through her research, one of the beauty editors told me that many Japanese women have curly, coarse hair and that’s where the Japanese thermal relaxer started. So it’s not unusual for curlyheads to be of Asian or of Native American heritage. Keep it conditioned and enjoy it. As far as having too much hair, have it sliced, which is a technique that allows the hairs to sit into each other and it makes it more manageable. Check my website for a certified salon or stylist near you.

Q: I have very damaged hair. It starts off looking nice while it's damp. Then it dries into this horrible mop. I have quit using a curling iron to stop some of the damage. Can you please recommend some products to help with the damage/frizz without having to cut it all off? My hair is type 3b and 3c. Thanks, Lori.

Ouidad: For extremely damaged hair I have developed a specialized, intensive, in-salon treatment called “Damage Control.” It is full strength amino acids and vitamins that help to strengthen hair. I mostly use it on clients who had thermal relaxers and their hair started to break off. If you can get to any of my certified salons, you can have that treatment. If not, please start the program of doing the Ouidad Deep Treatment every two weeks for at least four treatments in a row, then keep it up once a month. Now meanwhile let your hair dry naturally and use a gel like the Climate Control to style your hair. Keep in mind, the less you do to curly hair, the more success with the results. Don’t worry. Your hair will come back.