Jonathan Torch

Jonathan Torch

Q : I have naturally curly hair that gets all frizzy and puffy if I don't scrunch it with hairspray. I want beautiful curls, but I don't want to spend hours doing my hair. If I don't have time to do my hair in the morning, I don't want to be forced to pull it back in a ponytail. Do you have any suggestions for my hair. Please help!!!!

Torch : I hear your frustration. I am not aware of the type of curls you have, but it sounds like they are very loose. You should not have to restyle your hair daily as long as you follow the correct styling steps and use the correct products. The way to achieve a successful hairstyle is to take the time to distribute Curl Keeper evenly through your hair – from roots to ends. The easiest way to do this is to keep your hair as wet as possible during the preparation stages. Begin by squishing Curl Keeper through your wet hair; as the squishing will result in a tighter curl. For a tighter curl on top, I recommend adding some Gel to the wet hair and continue squishing. Secure the curls on the top of the head with a clip and allow your hair to dry. To speed up the drying process, blow dry with a diffuser. Once your hair begins to dry, unclip the curls and continue diffusing until your hair is fully dry. Your curls will stay soft, bouncy and frizz free until your next shampoo and restyle.

Q : I am a 16-year-old with wavy hair. I have never tried using a diffuser, but I think it might be useful for some of the styles I want to do on my hair. What are your thoughts? What's good and bad about diffusers?

Torch : Besides Curl Keeper, the invention of the diffuser has probably one of the greatest things for styling curly hair as it speeds up the drying time. As you know, when styling curly hair, the more you fuss, or move your hair when it is wet, the more frizz develops and the more your hair expands. So, you can imagine how the power of a blow dryer can affect curly hair. A diffuser is a simple yet effective controller of such movement. There are several unique diffusers on the market but they all have the same primary function – to allow gentle heat to speed up the drying process without causing a lot of movement from the wind of a blow dryer. When used correctly, the right styling tools will allow you to have total frizz control and style management. With the help of Curl Keeper, your frizz-free hair will allow you to have styling flexibility whether the look is tight curls or loose waves.

Q : I am so frustrated with my hair. I'm hoping you can help! I have long hair (22 inches) and it's all one length – no bangs or layers. It's thin to medium, and it's rounded at the bottom. My curls are Botticelli, and most of the time look pretty good (though a bit dry). My problem is this: the crown of my head is as limp as hair can be! The curls don't start at the root – they start just below my ears so my hair is that I have a nice light-weight fullness from my shoulders down, but above that it's practically sticking to my head. Nothing I do seems to give me the body I crave. So I tie it back away from my face and this look is getting really old (I've been doing it this way everyday for over six years). I'm ready for a change! I love the length and get the ends trimmed every three to four months.

Torch : Most hairstylists would probably tell you to layer your hair. But, it’s a good thing that you haven’t, as traditional layering will create that dreaded ledge that seems to take forever to grow out. There is definitely some haircutting required, which should only happen when you are clear about what needs to be cut. Common sense tells us that what is holding down your curls is the weight of your one-length hair. It has also been my experience that products containing silicone or wax are the major reason that hair lies flat at the roots, especially on thinner curls. The silicones continue to build up, creating the never-ending cycle of silky, shiny, flat unmanageable hair. Although hair may feel softer and easier to untangle, the style never seems to work.The easiest way to choose the best cutting style is to start with a simple face framing cut. The length should be determined by where you want your curls to fall. First, remove all the buildup and scrunch-style as best you can, allowing the bang hair length to reach into a ponytail if pulled back. You can then ask the hairstylist to cut some face-framing softness only The next step will rely on your styling ability. If you are able to style your hair yourself, the stylist can be more aggressive with the framing. This is a longer process than regular haircutting, but it is the most successful because you will be in charge. With curly hair, it is not only about the cut. It is all about your ability to style your hair. When you learn what products really work on your hair, you will be the master of your hair and you will know when and how often it needs cutting. You don’t need to cut your hair to keep it healthy. The products I would recommend are Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo and Slip Detangler.

Q : I had frizzy curls when I was younger, and now my hair is a looser curly (3B, I think). But it just doesn't curl the way that I want it to. The curls look great from the back of my head. But around my face and the top of my head, the curls are sort of flat. I was actually wondering if getting a perm would make my curls look the way I want them to. I don't want to spend a lot of time with a ton of products to get my curls looking good every morning, so I thought a perm would be an easier solution. I would like fuller-looking curls and curlier curls too. I just don't know how the perm will come out. I don't want to end up looking like Bozo the Clown. My hair is just above my shoulders. Suggestions?

Torch : There are many other ways to reach your hairstyling goals without perming. Although perming sounds logical and, in theory, makes sense, the results are short-lived, and the chemical damage may take time to repair. The main cause of flatness is using products that contain silicone. You can identify silicone on the ingredient list as any word ending in “cone”. You can shampoo as often as you want with Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo and your hair will feel much bouncier. To get a tighter curl formation, use the Curl Keeper as a styling lotion. While your hair is wet, flip your head over and apply a generous amount of Curl Keeper, squeezing it through your hair until you hear a squishing sound. Clip some curls on top of your head and allow your hair to dry without disturbing the clips. Using a diffuser on your blow dryer will speed up the drying process. The weight of the water in your hair will loosen the curl so it falls into the “S” formation. To achieve a curlier look, allow your hair to dry on its own while clipped up against the scalp. Curl Keeper will hold the curl without the look and feel of having tons of product in your hair.

Q : Whenever I go to the beach, I have the same problem. My curls just flop and get straighter from the dampness/humidity in the air! it's not even frizzy – just straighter with no curl. I have loose curls and need to scrunch them and keep my hair in clips to make it curl more. I'm going to the shore this weekend, and need advice on how to keep my hair curly instead of it turning into straight hair!

Torch : Just as climate conditions affect curl patterns, different styling products control curls in different ways. I recommend using Curly Hair Solutions Gel, as the holding power of the Gel is much stronger than the hold of Curl Keeper. Use extra effort in scrunch-drying techniques and some hairspray to finish your style. Most curly heads don't suffer loss of curl in the ocean air. In Canada, during our cold winters, the central heating systems dry the air, which contribute to a weaker curl formation and flatness in hairstyles.

Q : I'm looking for some help on finding a professional, serious look for my curls while at work. I have very thick, long ringlets (3B). I've worn my hair short, long, and shoulder length. Short was great when my kids were babies, but I think short hair makes me look much older. (I'm 37, most people think I'm 5-10 years younger when my hair is long). I keep it long now for a few other reasons. The curl is so much better with some weight, not to mention the fact that my husband loves it long! I've found products I love too! Also, I live about an hour from a major city, though, and I can't find a decent stylist where I live. With my busy work schedule, I can only get to the city for a haircut every 4-6 months! Here's my dilemma. I am a professional, and I think my long curly hair makes me look younger. Unfortunately, this is a disadvantage in my profession. I've noticed that when I keep my hair long, people seem to take me less seriously. I have been experimenting with ways of wearing it up, but it's so thick and heavy that I get headaches or it just doesn't stay in place. I'd love some recommendations for professional thick and curly hairstyles for the workplace that allow me to keep my long curls when I'm not at work. Any ideas?

Torch : To have a more sophisticated look, make sure that frizz is totally eliminated – 100 percent. Whether curly hair is worn long or short, curls need to be frizz-free to look professional. It also helps to keep your hair off your face at all times. Try pinning it back or styling with clips, hair bands or other hair accessories. But do try to avoid wearing it in a ponytail at the office. Make sure your hair color is always fresh and shiny. Choose colors that reflect the light. In addition, having clean and healthy hair will demonstrate your commitment to personal hygiene.

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