Jonathan Torch

Jonathan Torch

Q : Recently I have noticed that the curl in the back of my head -- especially in the crown area -- is a lot less curly. After it is dry, a lot of the curl falls out and becomes wavy within a half an hour. However the hair framing my face has gotten even curlier. In addition, my hair seems more limp lately and less thick. Do you recommend any products for my problem?

Torch : A 7-year cycle of hair growth means that your hair is constantly changing. As no two people are the same, no two curls are the same. This makes you unique, and that is why every curly hair cut needs to be customized. As I understand your question, the cut, products and styling techniques need alteration. If your hair has been cut to one length, this will also contribute to your problem. You might needs some long layers. Your shampoo and conditioner should not leave a silicone film that seals your hair cuticles together. This causes your hair to become even more unmanageable and oil will build up at the root area. A properly pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner will return your hair to its original healthy state. Using Curl Keeper will allow you to enjoy frizz-free curls. For extra volume, when your hair is wet and before you start to air dry, “squish” the looser curls, clip the curls together and allow your hair to dry. Once your hair is dry, the curls will have more bounce.

Q : I have naturally curly hair that's not exactly ringlets, but not wavy -- just semi-tight, frizzy curls. I was just wondering how I should sleep with wet hair after washing? I usually separate my hair into two parts, twist each part, and roll them into two buns -- one on each side of my head -- in the hopes that frizz will be eliminated. I'm scared of putting it in a loose ponytail, because then it will become frizzy and messed up when I move in my sleep. Also, would you recommend either relaxing or softening my hair? I really want full, shiny, supple, loose "S" curls, and want to know how to achieve that look.

Torch : When you twist your hair and roll it up in a bun to dry, it takes on a unique shape while you are asleep. The secret to frizz-free style control depends on the shape the curls are in when they are formed. Try distributing Curl Keeper from roots to ends on wet hair and “squish” the curls until the desired ringlets start to form. Sleeping on wet hair is no easy stunt. We get a lot of e-mail from clients who get better results when they wrap their hair carefully in a special hair towel so the curls can dry on their own. The next day, they run wet hands through their curls, which reactivates the curls. Curl Keeper is water-soluble and is reactivated by water.

Q : I used to have a head full of tight, defined curls. In the past year or so, I've noticed a significant change. No matter what products I use or how I scrunch or diffuse or twist, my hair will not curl like it used to. It's now a full wave instead of a curl. As much as I hated and prayed that my curls would disappear when I was a young girl, I miss them now that it's happened. Could this be a sign that I've done too much to my hair over the years, with blow-drying, coloring, and over-styling? Or is it more likely that I have just outgrown my curls, as hair tends to change after a certain number of years? I don't assume there's a way to get my waves back to curls again, is there?

Torch : It is true that hair goes through a seven-year cycle of change. The changes can be very subtle or very dramatic. In your case, it sounds like the change has been quite significant and will require different styling techniques and products than you have been used to. As long as your hair is healthy, you might want to avoid heavy conditioners and any products that contain silicone, as they will contribute to flatter hair styling. One-length hair may need some gentle, curly layers. Learn how to use a diffuser, take your time and perfect your curl preparation prior to styling.

Q : I'd like to leave the gym looking manageable. I want wash and wear hair. HELP!!!

Torch : Having great-looking, frizz-free curls is very easy when you use the right products and learn to use them correctly. When your hair has been cleansed and conditioned with properly pH-balanced products, you will not be left with an oily film, and you can evenly distribute Curl Keeper from roots to ends on wet hair. Frizz-free curls will easily appear when you have “squished” your hair while it is still wet. Blow-drying is not necessary if you are leaving your hair curly. However, the best results totally depend on the products and techniques used.

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