Q: I have shoulder-length fine wavy/curly hair. Could you recommend some styling products that work well for fine hair?  Cremes appear to be too heavy for my hair, and I hate having that 'crunchy look' that you can get from gels.  Thank you. 

Jonathan: Curl Keeper is the solution for your fine, frizzy hair. Silicone-free Curl Keeper allows you to use a generous amount on wet hair to control frizz without the feel of product in your hair.  More volume can be attained by hanging your head over while drying with a diffuser.   Once your hair is dry and frizz-free you can try some new styling techniques to help you create more volume to your fine hair. 

Q: I am  54 years old and have battled curly hair all my life. The problem is that it is very curly/wavy at the roots. But the ends are straight. This is only the case on the outer layer, not underneath. I could have a roaring-twenties look if it were very short. Should I perm to even out the curls or keep straightening the top? Summer is horrible and need to know this decision soon. My hair color is blond and it is chin length now. 

Jonathan: It is well known that over-coloring hair with strong formulas will straighten curls. Our hair will weaken and eventually break if you continue to do so. Curly roots and straight ends sound like it could be a chemical problem.  I don't recommend perms or relaxer treatments at this time, and cutting those stray straight ends is probably inevitable. Ingredients in my Treatment Shampoo will add elasticity and increase the 'S' formation of your looser curls.  The Curl Keeper will control the flyaway strands.  I would require a photo of your hair to suggest a better hairstyle. 

Q:  I have type 3a/b hair that swells whenever I let it air dry or use a diffuser. Is there any products or techniques out there that will stop the swelling of my hair?

Jonathan: From your description, it sounds like you would definitely qualify for my 'Tunnel Cut'. This cutting technique successfully eliminates excess bulk invisibly for about three months.  This system is so controlled that after three or four months the same 'tunnels' can be found and re-cut so you will never have a bulk issue.  The next step involves teaching you how to control frizz. Start with wet hair and saturate with Curl Keeper.  This will help control the frizz and promote curl formation during the drying process. Without the 'Tunnel Cut,'  I recommend that you allow your hair to air dry.

Q: I  have naturally curly hair.  I have never been able to wear it down because it gets so frizzy and shrinks up. I am in desperate need of help and don't know where to turn.  I need a product that I can put in my hair after I towel dry (which I have never been able to do) that will relax the curl and keep it from shrinking. Frizz is an issue as well.  I have heard good and bad about relaxing balms, but I don't have the money to keep wasting on products that don't work.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Jonathan:  Your first mistake is towel drying your hair.  When your hair is wet, it is longer and frizz-free.  Curl Keeper can duplicate this look if you learn how to use it properly.  Our formula does not contain silicone so you can use a generous amount from roots to ends.  Allow your hair to dry on its own. After your curls are defined and dried you can loosen them if you want a more relaxed curl