Q: I'm a swimmer all year 'round and my hair feels like straw....I use lots of conditioner and try my best to make it work, but it doesn't. Are there any products to help stop the breaking and restore my lovely locks? Also, my hair falls out a lot in the shower and I think its because of the pool. Any suggestions?

A: For starters, get off of conventional shampoo and clarifying products. They dehydrate the hair, causing breakage and split ends with a straw-like feel. Start using 100% sulfate-free DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser. The botanically infused ingredients, along with its balanced pH, will keep your hydration level in check. First, I suggest wetting your hair in the locker room shower. Then, add DevaCurl One Condition to towel-dried hair before putting on the cap. I suggest a lycra cap followed by a latex cap to protect any chlorinated water from penetrating your hair. Deva is water soluble and there is never any need to clarify!

Q: I started a shampoo free routine 2 weeks ago. My problem is that by day two my head itches really bad and starts flaking. Is that normal?

A: You may not be rinsing thoroughly. Make sure when you use DevaCurl No-Poo, you follow with One Condition and only Deva stylers. If you are using synthetically derived products other than Deva on your hair, this may be casuing a reaction. Vigorously scrub and agitate the scalp with your fingertips in a circular massaging motion while cleansing with DevaCurl No-Poo. Friction is what cleans the hair and moves dirt particles.

Q: Does mousse dry out curly hair really bad? Because I use it every day!

A: Mousse is extremely dehydrating and is detrimental to curly hair, which needs moisture. Stop using it immediately. Most mousses contain plastics, which further dehydrate and suffocate the hair. It sounds as if you desire curl volume. Try B’Leave-In , curl volumizer or Set Up & Above. They are moisturizing and plastic-free!

Q: I'm a teenage girl. I had very curly hair — it almost looked like a afroish, and now it's getting straighter and straighter. What do I do? I have to put a lot of mousse and gel to get it curly. I don't want straight hair.

A: Your curl’s “spring factor” is a direct response to moisture! Mousse removes moisture from the hair and can sometimes give it a limp, sedated appearance. I suggest using cleansing and moisturizing using DevaCurl No-Poo followed by Heaven In Hair deep treatment to restore the moisture. Use once or twice weekly on towel dried hair under a plastic cap, with or without heat. When rinsing, leave some conditioner in the hair. These products are water soluble and have zero build-up. You will be amazed at how the curls begin to bounce again! Then, finish with Set It Free moisture lock and watch your curls come back to life!