The weather outside is frightful, but your curls are so delightful thanks to Aunt Jackie’s collection of curly hair products!

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When those cold weather forecasts set off your dry curl-alerts, don’t fret. All you’ll need to keep your hair moisturized and looking super cute is the right products.

Feeling these beautiful looks? We are, too! Learn more about these curly hair products below:

The Two-Strand Twist

Aunt Jackie

Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard keeps curls thoroughly hydrated and defined. If it’s shine you’re looking for, you will love how beautifully this custard enhances the natural luster of your texture.

To get the look, section your moisturized hair into two sections (midway down back of your head”>. Flat-twist the front section, starting with a side part above the highest point of your eyebrow, or the arch. Twist until you run out of hair and then let your curls dry completely. To complete the look, unravel your twists and gently fluff them with your fingers or a hair pik.

Cornrows & Top Bun

Aunt Jackie

Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling Gel is a curly girl’s best friend. Why? This gel gives those tight curls and coils moisture while simultaneously helping them maintain their stretch without compromising on curl health.

We love cornrows and top buns. To combine these classic looks, start with moisturized, sectioned hair. Then work in the curling gel on the sides of your hair to create flat twists on the sides and front of your head. Depending on the length and density of your curls, you might want to add curly, textured clip-in extensions for length and fullness. To get a super cute bun while your curls are in the protective cornrows, add a faux braided bun to the top of your style. Make sure to trim the ends of your extensions if you used them to help them blend in with your natural hair.

Aunt Jackie

Sideswept curls

For hair that needs supreme moisture, reach for Aunt Jackie’s Curl Mane-tenance Defining Curl Whip! Since it is formulated to reach deep into the hair strand, this whip is perfect for curly girls that want a rich moisturizer for intricate styles.

Section out the lower half of your hair. Starting on the side of your head, above either ear, flat twist your hair in an upward motion all around your head. Pin the ends of the twists before moving on to two-strand twisting the front of your hair. Make sure you completely dry your curls. Then, unravel and pin those defined curls to the side.

Aunt Jackies Curls and Coils

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As ever, stay curly!

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