As Editors at NaturallyCurly, we unabashedly love products, and we wholeheartedly love our team members, but this time of year in the office can get a little bit... testy.

We spend months trying products from over a hundred brands on our hair to see if it performs up to our high standards. We try them in various climate conditions, in differing cocktail combinations, and on 1st, 2nd, 3rd day hair and beyond. Our Editors' curl patterns range from Type 2a wavies to Type 4c coilies, and they all find themselves debating the strengths and weaknesses of stylers and conditioners. All of this testing leads up to the big day when we vote on the winners of our Editors' Choice awards.

It would be difficult to describe to you the process that is Editors' Choice, so we decided it would be more illuminating just to give you a glimpse.

We're proud to announce that our curls (and our bathrooms) survived another year of Editors' Choice, and a full list of our winners can be found here.