Bianca Alexa is a new curly vlogger who is gaining Instagram and YouTube followers everyday. She was recently featured in our 17 Curly YouTubers to Watch in 2014. Although she has been natural her whole life, she just began embracing her curls two years ago and is sharing her journey with us.

NaturallyCurly: How long have you been natural?

Bianca: In April 2011, I still had lots of chemical damage and dead ends.  So for me, my natural hair journey started when I did my big chop, which was in March 2012. This March I will be two years natural.

When did you start embracing your curls?
Bianca: It wasn’t till a couple of months after my “big chop” that I really started to embrace my curls. When I first cut all my hair, I had no idea what to do with it or how to care for it. It really took me a while to embrace my natural hair texture.  

What's your daily hair routine?

Bianca: I have more of a weekly routine as apposed to a daily routine. I tend to wash my hair every three to four days. In between my wash and go’s, I like to leave my curls loose. As days go by I’ll just fluff my hair with my fingers. I don’t re-wet my hair once it's dry because I love the added volume.

What's your nighttime routine?

Bianca: If I want to preserve my curls for the next day, I just leave my hair loose and sleep on a satin pillowcase. I don’t use a regular pillowcase because it can absorb the natural oils from your hair, dry it out, and cause frizz. A lot of people use the pineapple method, which is basically a high loose ponytail, but that doesn’t work for me because it stretches out my curl pattern. 

What are your go-to styles?

Bianca: The wash and go is my favorite go to style! I’m convinced my hair doesn’t like anything else. But of course I have my lazy days where I’ll just put my hair in a high bun or do my crown braid hairstyle.

What are your favorite products?

Bianca: My hair tends to be on the dry side and doesn’t respond well to neither regular nor sulfate-free shampoos, so I like to cowash with As I Am Coconut Cowash. When it comes to conditioning my hair, I like Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner, and Tresemme Naturals Conditioner. They are all natural ingredients and very affordable. The Tresemme Naturals Conditioner use to be my all time favorite. I would use it as a detangler and leave in, but unfortunately they changed the formula and my hair doesn’t love the new formula. For deep conditioning I love Aubrey GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner and Shea Moisture’s line of conditioners.  For my styling product I love Kinky Curly Knot Today

What ingredients does your hair love?

Bianca: My hair loves water, coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, and almond oil. It pretty much likes anything that keeps it moisturized. 

What ingredients does your hair hate? 

Bianca: My hair does not like sulfates and harsh silicones that cause build up.

How do the seasons affect your regimen?

Bianca: I’m not so sure about this one because in Puerto Rico the climate doesn’t really change through out the seasons. It’s pretty much hot and humid all year round. I never had to change or adjust my routine. It was always the same. Since I’ve moved to California where the weather is very dry, I definitely had to re-adjust my regimen and incorporate some oils to make sure my curls retain moisture and does not dry out.

What inspired you to start a vlog? 

Bianca: Before I decided to stop straightening my hair, I did a lot of research on natural hair. Different vloggers and websites served as my motivation for wanting to embark on this healthy hair journey, but after I did the big chop I felt really insecure and had no idea how to properly care for my hair. I would get really frustrated and resorted to YouTube channels and websites for motivation. I decided to start a vlog because I wanted to share my experience with others and hopefully inspire and motivate other people who may share the same frustration that I did when I big chopped.

What do you like most about vlogging?

Bianca: I absolutely love the feedback that I get from people all over the world. There is something so special and humbling about receiving a comment or email from someone saying how one of my pictures inspired them to big chop, or how my natural hair journey has motivated them to take better care of their hair. I am truly honored by that.

What do you want to do beyond vlogging?

Bianca: I have always loved modeling and would like to pursue that more. I would also love to get more involved in the fashion industry. I really enjoy sewing and making clothes. I had taken some sewing classes where I learned how to make dresses and shirts altered to fit any measurements, so that is something I would really love to get back in to, maybe even create my own clothing line someday.

Any upcoming projects/events you'd like to tell us about?

Bianca: Yes, I will be adding Spanish videos to my channel very soon so be on the look out for that. Also, there will be lots more fun tutorials and collaboration videos to come.

What is your number one piece of advice for women with curly hair?

Bianca: Focus on the health of your hair and please stay away from heat! If you absolutely have to use heat on your hair, then please don’t abuse it. Heat damage is the worst kind of damage and I learned this the hard way. The only way to get rid of heat damage is by cutting it off. Be gentle with your hair and embrace your natural texture in all its glory.

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