Lisa Price at Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show

Not that they ever went anywhere, but after taking a eight year hiatus, Carol’s Daughter was one of the most popular booths at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show — no surprise to curly girls in the know! The brand’s products have long been staples in most women’s cabinets since the company’s inception. But with the newly revamped Hair Milk line and the success of the brand’s Transitioning Movement website (not to mention a long list of celebrity supporters and spokes models”>, Carol’s Daughter has become a mainstream smash hit. Yet unlike other brands that rocket through the stratosphere and ultimately lose touch with the consumer that propelled them there, the brains behind Carol’s Daughter have kept their ears to the street and continue to produce quality products for natural and relaxed consumers alike.

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That was the point emphasized by Kenisha, a member of Carol’s Daughter’s marketing team. She was rocking a beautiful wash and go when I met her at the company’s booth on Saturday, so I was quite surprised to find out that she actually has a relaxer. That was yet another demonstration of how the tables have turned — instead of trying to diminish texture, we see women trying to create and encourage it. She explained that the lines within the brand that are popular among naturals (such as the Monoi line, which features bamboo water extract and pro B vitamin to promote strength”> are actually great for all types and textures of hair. In fact, one of her go to products is the new Co-Wash Conditioning Cleanser from the Hair Milk line. She loves how it cleans her hair and scalp without leaving a residue.

Speaking of Hair Milk, its revamp was the topic of conversation when I got the chance to talk with Lisa Price. When asked why she decided to overhaul the line, she said that it was because of the feedback she was getting from the consumer. The new packaging, a new and improved scent throughout the line and an added formula for the popular staple are proof that when you talk, she’s listening. Count that as another reason to respect the lady behind the beloved brand.

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Quinn Smith

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