Clairol Professional is supporting Go Red for Women, a campaign to raise awareness about heart disease in women.

It kills more women than breast cancer and lung cancer. It affects one out of three women.

That’s why Clairol Professional is supporting Go Red For Women, a national campaign founded by the American Heart Association to raise awareness about heart disease. Go Red for Women’s short-term goal is a 25 percent reduction in coronary heart disease and stroke risk by the year 2010.

Seven Clairol Professional products with the Go Red For Women logo will be sold between February and June contributing toward a total donation of $100,000.

Many people show support by wearing red for the cause. But Clairol Professional has taken it step further by enlisting professional colorists to demonstrate a new way to go red – with hair color. Clairol has called upon a select group of today’s most talented colorists to create their own red hair color technique. In return for donating their time and talent, Clairol Professional will make a donation to Go Red For Women on the artists’ behalf. All of the techniques will be featured with before and after pictures, along with step-by-steps, on The product selection includes Miss Clairol, Clairol Professional Premium Creme, Basic White and BW2, Kaleidocolors, Clairoxide Liquid Developer and Pure White Creme Developer.

For Clairol Professional lead color master Anita Gutierrez, the Go Red for Women campaign hits close to home.

“My mom had a complete, unexpected heart attack,” Gutierrez said during a special Clairol event at America’s Beauty Show, March 2.

After her mother endured several days of what she thought was indigestion, Gutierrez took her mother to the doctor, where an EKG showed she was in the midst of a heart attack. Research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH”> indicates that women often experience new or different physical symptoms as long as a month or more before experiencing heart attacks. While men might experience pain or tightness in the chest, women might experience intense fatigue, shortness of breath or an aching jaw. Surprisingly, fewer than 30 percent of women reported having chest pain or discomfort prior to their heart attacks, and 43 percent reported had no chest pain during any phase of the attack. Recognition of these symptoms can mean the difference between life and death.

Seven Clairol Professional products with the Go Red For Women logo will be sold between February and June contributing toward a total donation of $100,000..

“We developed this to be inspirational to our customers, and we encourage stylists to participate to enable them to contribute by using Clairol Brands and encouraging others in the community to join in,” said Martin Kaufmann, managing director of P&G Professional Care Openline. “This helps build awareness about heart disease that grows organically through our network of salons, which are powerful hubs of support and networking for those with heart disease –and those who want to prevent it.”

Clairol Professional also is hosting a contest for hair-care professionals to submit red techniques using participating Clairol Professional products. The winner will receive a free coloring class with two nights of hotel accommodation at either The Studio, Chicago or The Studio, Los Angeles. For more information, go to

To learn more about Go Red For Women, go to GoRedFor

About Go Red For Women: Since 2004, Go Red for Women has captured the energy, passion and intelligence of women to work collectively to wipe out heart disease – the No. 1 killer of women. Go Red for Women engages women and the men who love them to embrace the cause. Health care providers, celebrities and politicians also elevate the cause and spread the word about women and heart disease. For more information about Go Red For Women, go visit

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