Most of the styling product we use on a daily basis is meant to control our curls and keep them in place, not necessarily make them softer. Does your medium to high porosity hair feel dry when using a styler? If you’re looking to add some softness back to your tresses, look for these specific ingredients to kick the crunch in your styling product.


Honey can do different things for your hair depending on how you use it. When used in a styling product, it can help with hold and provide clumping; when used in a deep conditioner, it can actually increase your hair softness. There are many DIY hair masques you can make with honey to get the benefits. For those who prefer to get products from the store, many manufactures have also started to take advantage of the use of this ingredient for soft, lustrous curls.

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While glycerin can be a touchy topic in curly hair care, it can add moisture and promote softness when used in the correct order in a regimen. Glycerin is a humectant which means it attracts water, because of this it promotes moisture retention for your curls.

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Aloe vera juice

We all know that aloe vera is an amazing plant, it can help heal sunburns, is anti-fungal and can help general wound healing, with all these benefits it’s no wonder this product is sought after in hair care.  Aloe vera has emollient properties which help smooth and soften hair and it is also a humectant so help moisturize your strands.

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Hydrolyzed protein

While a protein may not be what everyone might reach for to promote softness in their curls, it is a necessary part of hair care and when used correctly will smooth and increase hairs ability to retain moisture.  If your hair is sensitive to proteins, try using it in your rinse out conditioner to get the benefits without having the product sit on your hair all day.

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Avocado Oil

Another common ingredient of DIY hair masques is avocado, and there is a good reason behind it, avocado oil is packed with vitamin E which helps smooth cuticles and can moisturize and plump the hair shaft.  When used as a leave in, avocado oil can help protect hair from everyday pollutants and UV damage, this can help keep your curls soft all day long.

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Next time you’re shopping for a new product to add to your haul, search the label for one of these natural ingredients to help increase the softness and luster of your curls.

Becky Woodford

My name is Becky, AKA The Polished Curl. I am a YouTuber trying to help people learn to love and accept their naturally wavy or curly hair with tips and tricks I have learned through my own curl journey. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram.

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