Shari Harbinger

Shari Harbinger

Q: So I have nice curls for the last 5 inches, but above that it is frizzy waves. Any suggestions on what to do?

Harbinger: You should consider first gliding the conditioner through your hair so that you can smooth down the cuticle. Then, apply the AnGell and glide that through the hair as well in a downward motion. Then, gently scrunch the curls just a little bit to encourage them, without overdoing it. Leave more moisture in the hair (rather than less) as this curl type dries from a much better place when wet. When drying, try not to touch the curls as any motion or agitation will cause frizz.

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Q: I haven't touched a comb or brush in over four months, and since then I have noticed a significant reduction in my hair loss and my tangles have been under control for about two months. But there's one problem. When I finger comb in the shower, I can see little hairs that are not knots or tangles but are not uniform with the rest of my hair either. I think they are the reason I look frizzy when I shouldn't be. Should I comb? Should I brush?

Harbinger: No, never use a comb or brush. Take your time and add a bit of extra conditioner (Heaven In Hair) to those "love me knots." Be patient, and gently work through them. Then, take time to glide the conditioner in a downward motion to smooth the cuticle and to help prevent them from frizzing and knotting again.

Q: I have wavy hair. When it is wet, it is curly, but when it dries, it is wavy with some curl on the top and a lot of curl underneath. I wonder if and how I can come to appreciate my wavy/curly hair. Right now, I fight it every day by blow drying it straight. How do I get started?

Harbinger: Every day that you "blowfry," you are stretching your waves and losing natural elasticity of the curl, which makes it more challenging for them to spring back on the days you attempt to wear them curly. Try encouraging your curl when your head is in an upside down position. Scrunch upward and make sure you use a lot of curl defining gel with hold. ArcAngell and Set Me Up! together do wonders! Watch the DevaCurl video on YouTube for a visual tutorial on how to scrunch your hair.

Q: I am attempting to grow out my hair! I feel a bit lost, though. I have layers now, and the longest layer is right between my shoulder blades. I also have short bangs which I am trying to grow out. I am pretty new to the concept of curly hair though. I was given my first hot pink CHI iron when I was 16, and have straightened since (I'm almost 22 now)! I haven't straightened it at all since the very end of January (which was my last visit to the stylist), and I have been letting it air dry everyday. I pretty much wear it up all the time with cloth hair ties. Does it sound like I am on the right track to grow it out?

Harbinger: Bravo! You GO CURL! Throw away that iron and embrace your curls. It sounds like your surface layers are not short enough. I suggest an authentic Deva haircut with more surface layering to keep you on the right track. Shorter layers will give you more lift at the crown. I am happy to hear you are growing out the bangs! You are a curly girl waiting to happen!

Q: I've been flat ironing my hair for about a year and a half. It has finally rebelled against me; if I straighten it, it's straw-like. If I leave it curly, it's frizzy and dry. I have a ton of split ends and will probably need to cut a good inch off of my hair soon. Anyway, I started the CG routine today and my hair already feels better. However, next weekend I'm going to be going home and am in desperate need of a haircut. I know salons tend to use shampoo when they wash your hair before the cut. Will this one wash undo all the effects of the CG routine?

Harbinger: You must never ever use conventional shampoo in your hair again. Bring your own product with you to the salon and insist on having them cleanse your hair with it. It's time for the Deva 3 step! Cleanse, hydrate and style your way to get perfect curls! Start with No-Poo, Deva's non-lathering conditioning cleanser with botanicals.Next, use One Condition and follow with AnGell. Also, use Heaven In Hair once or twice weekly until your desired moisture level is achieved. Congratulations! You are a true Curly Girl!