In this month of giving thanks, CurlTalkers offer their appreciation for the products that have changed their lives.

Greatcurls: For me, it would be the hard bonnet drier. Before this, no matter what hair product I used, combined with the "no-heat" methods to condition, no product could penetrate my cuticles. Now that I use the hard bonnet drier, as long as the products have the ingredients I know will work for my hair, it will be properly conditioned.

rudeechick: This is impossible to narrow down, but I gotta say my Curl Ease towel is right up there...

Laura Lee: CurlEase changed the way that I look at styling my hair. I went from "Oh no, I need to set aside 2-3 hours to dry my hair!" to "Hooray, it's been 30 minutes and I'm ready to go!"

sexyspirals: Definitely my CurlEase towel, no doubt about it — as LauraLee said, it changed my outlook on the amount of time it took to let my hair be natural vs. the quicker, longer-lasting solution of flat-ironing. Now I don't have to set aside an entire six-hour period of waiting with wet hair so it can be curly, and my hair is healthier and prettier when I don't straighten every other day.

Also, I look at the day I got Kinky-Curly Curling Custard as the day I really fell in love with being a curly — the definition, the bouncy curls, how healthy my hair felt because it wasn't weighed down by silicones... truly a life-altering product!

IamDonna: Without a doubt it would be: CURL KEEPER!!!! Thank you CHS very much for making it!

RachelRegina: Shea aloe butter and Fantasia IC Gel or Long aid Gel. You wanna talk about curls and coils on steriods...Sent from HEAVEN!

CurliLocks: Usually, we think of stylers, conditioners, and shampoos. But let's not forget Haircolor!!! Thank you Color by Robert Craig for gently covering my gray and keeping my hair healthy, shiny and happy in the process.

Alexjoujou: Darcy's Botanical's Natural Coils Curling Jelly, Curls Gel-les'C, CJ smoothing gellee and KBB Hair milk and then Gel (Abba, BRHG, Artec Textureline Volume, HESMU, etc)

These are my staples and go to and always give me good hair! They also let me see what my hair is capable of doing which was an eye opener!

For my daughter it is 100% Qhemet Biologics Olive Honey Hydrating Balm and the BEST product ever: Burdock Root Butter Creme. Amazing stuff! If I were to chose only one between the two of us it would be QB BRBC no contest!

redcelticcurls: Aubrey Organics conditioners: And, more importantly, the combo of Knot Today and KCCC. That combo had been my friend for a couple of years.

Use the comments section below to tell us what products/tools you're giving thanks for this November!