There are a number of destination cruises that can take you to some truly amazing and culturally influenced sites. Cruises range in length from as little as a week to as long as two months. However, no matter where you plan on sailing or how long you plan on being out at sea, your curls are along for the ride and you need to prepare them well.

A combination of fresh sea air, sun, recycled shower water, chlorinated pools and ocean dives can give your curls and waves a bit of a shock. It’s best to board the ship prepared with the tools and curly hair care strategies you need to keep your hair looking great.

Stay Natural


A cruise is a great time to highlight the beauty of your natural curls and waves. Fighting them while cruising may cost you a lot of time and money. While there are salons on board, these services usually start at $50 and quickly add up, all for a simple blow out.

You may be tempted to try something different for the formal evenings, but keep in mind that a blowout will only last as long as you stay inside. On the decks, not only will you be face to face with fresh sea air and mist, but you’ll also be combating some pretty heavy winds.

Pack Smart

Ships will often offer you small bottles of toiletries, much like many hotels. However, depending on the length of your cruise and the amount of product you use, you may need more than what they offer. Unlike flying, you're not bound to restricted sizes and amounts of products you can bring on a cruise ship, so feel free to bring along your big bottles of gel, conditioner and mousse.Make the most of your curls and waves by stepping aboard with the right curly hair care products, including a gentle cleansing shampoo, a good leave-in moisturizer, conditioner and a few other favorite styling products.

Be sure to pack your products well to ensure that they don’t leak. Tape the tops of your bottles and double-bag them. Remember that most cruises have blow dryers on board, so you don’t need to bring your own. However, be sure not to use heat styling too often. A cruise is a great time to take advantage of letting your hair air dry.

Don’t forget that you’ll probably be dressing up a bit on your cruise too. Most cruises have a few select formal evenings for dinners as well as after-dinner martini bars, dancing and other nightlife events. For these occasions, you should plan to pack a few glamorous hair accessories to change up your daytime look. Rhinestone clips, hairpins, headbands and beaded ponytail elastics are small, easy to pack and offer a simple day to night change

Changing your Routine

You may find that you’ll need to shower more than once a day. Cruise activities such as workout classes, pools, rock walls and sun bathing can add up to a lot of sweat and sunscreen. You certainly don’t want to go into an elegant dinner smelling like that afternoon. Therefore, plan on bringing a favorite body wash as well as lots of lotion.

You may choose to not wash your hair with every shower, especially if you have thicker curls, so consider bringing along a good curl reviver spray.

Even if you don’t shampoo often, you might still want to bring shampoo with you anyway. The salty air, recycled shower water and chlorinated pools will leave you with more build-up than usual forcing you to adjust your curly hair care routine.

For evening looks or days in port, you may want to make use of an anti humectant pomade to help hold your curls and waves in place and frizz free. If your hair is thicker and can handle heavier pomades, try shea butter.

Cruises are a great time for relaxing and getting away, so give your whole mind and body a true rest, including your curls and waves. Simply sit back and enjoy the paradise of a “floating island.”