Girl with curl hair and earrings

Valentine’s Day is an open call for romance for all couples! Thus, you’ll want to look and feel your sexiest for this special day. If you’re gonna rock it for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to pay attention to everything about your looks – from head to toe!

Type 2s:

Type 2 wavies need to focus on not putting anything too heavy on their hair and on keeping their waves shiny and soft. One product that’s great for all hair types is Curly Hair Solution’s Curl Keeper, which aides in forming curls, adding moisture and keeping the frizzies out of your hair. Reviewers with 2b and 3a hair tell us that they absolutely LOVE this for their hair type.

“I've looked all my life for a product like this (sadly I'm now 38) and it's a shame I haven't found it sooner,” says one reviewer with type 2b hair.

A 2c wavy tells us, “I have to's AMAZING! Wonderful product! Gave me bouncy, shiny, defined, frizz-free [hair] that STAYED all of the above after my hair had finished drying.”

Type 3s:

You type 3 curlies are known for your trademark spirals that make the other curlies envious! However, you also deal with frizz that is sometimes about as unpredictable as the weather. To combat this for Valentine’s Day, try Curl Junkie’s Coffee Coco Crème Lite which is great for taming frizzies on dry hair or keeping things under control on damp hair.

Several of our 3c curlies sing the praises for Aubrey Organics’ 100% Organic Jojoba Oil. Most of them are using it as an overnight treatment and find that they love the results in the morning. You could use this the night before Valentine’s Day, or use it for second-day hair and apply it before you go to bed that night.

Type 4s:

Kinies with type 4 hair often find themselves using a lot of products – such as curl creams, setting lotions and butters – to keep their locks organized and tame. Whether you’re doing a twist out, knot out, or plaiting your hair, you’re probably putting in lots of things that will cause build up if left alone. Many of our type 4a kinkies rave about As I Am’s Cleansing Pudding for removing such product build-up. As one 3c/4a reviewer puts it, “This is the only product I will wash my hair with. I have tried so many different shampoos and I can finally stop looking.”  Another 4a kinky tells us that it “provides amazing slip for my 4a hair! I love how it helps my hair retain moisture!” Moisture is something kinkies definitely need, and this shampoo won’t strip your hair of it.

Follow your shampoo with a deep conditioner made for thick, coarse hair, such as Oyin’s Handmade Whipped Pudding, which seems to get the best reviews from our 4b/4c kinkies. If your hair is damp or almost dry, you might consider using Karen's Butter Love instead. Our kinkies tell us that a little bit of this stuff goes a long way and that they love its moisturizing abilities best when applied to dry or near-dry hair.