Does it ever seem like your curly hair care products are working fabulously in your hometown, but then, when you travel, they mysteriously stop working in their usual miraculous way? The answer lies simply in the word "humidity."

Some say that it’s the heat, and not the humidity. The truth is, when it comes to our curly locks, humidity has much more to do with whether our curls are tight and bouncy, or just kind of hanging out. Here are a few curly hair products and tips to keep your hair looking great no matter where you go.


Water, water, go away!

Location recommendation: Humid, low lying areas

Anti-humectants can be found in many skin care and curly hair products. Anti-humectants work well in humid areas because they pull out the moisture from the air that your hair is taking in. Try products like, AG Hair Cosmetics Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray. Avoid anti-humectants in dry areas, however, or during dry seasons of the year.

Anti-humectants can be either your best friend or your worst enemy depending on you need. Ignorance may be bliss, but in this case, not knowing about humectants can leave you either frizzy or flat.


Thick and rich or thick and rich?

Location recommendation: All areas

The time of year, your location, the temperature, and the humidity level all determine how often, which type, and how much conditioner you should use. If you're in an area that's dry and cold, or traveling during the winter, you will need a thicker and richer conditioner than you would use in sunny California or humid parts of the country.

Florida is especially known for hair changes due to the humidity. In fact, just going from the inland cities to the beach can change the look and feel of your curls before your eyes.

Keep in mind that over-conditioning can give your curls a greasy feel, but not conditioning enough can make your hair retain a lot of static causing poof and frizz.

Leave-in Conditioners

For some an option  for others a necessity!

Location recommendation: Dry areas, or during winter months

If you live in a humid area, you probably do not use a leave-in conditioner, which is completely fine for curlies in those areas. However, if you travel or live in a dry area, a leave-in is necessary, preferably one without humectants.

The key to keeping your curls looking great all the time, no matter where you travel, is to learn about the curly hair products that you are using. Some are going to work well in one area and not in another, due to the humidity levels and whether or not they contain humectants.

Quick Tips

  • Always pay attention to the ingredients list! Anti-humectants and humectants do two very different things.
  • Be sure to always condition, but definitely deep condition often in colder climates.
  • Leave-ins are great for daily use, just be sure to find one that isn't too heavy for your curls.

Need help finding the perfect products for your hair?

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