Dear Rebecca: My hair naturally is straight on top and wavy to kinky underneath. I hate blowing it out in the summer so I got a perm, which I love. I haven't had a perm since the '80s so I don't really know how to take care of it and make the curls look their best! I've been using DevaCurl No-Poo, One Condition and Set up and Above. I like the naturalness of these products but frankly, I think they smell like wet dog and my curls are still a little frizzy. I use a "Turbie Towel" to wrap my wet head after showering.... perhaps I should switch to something else? I try very hard not to touch it when it's wet as I've heard that can cause frizz... I just don't know what to do! Please help! (P.S: I also color my hair.)

Wet Hair

Dear Summer Curl: Okay, the thing about curls is above all else they need moisture. Curls are most defined with minimal frizz when they are moisturized. As far as the maintenance, I recommend shampooing your hair at most 3 times per week. When doing so, shampoo your hair with a moisture-intensive shampoo (probably sulfate-free as it a gentle cleanser), and follow with a moisturizing conditioner.

Towel-blot your hair before applying the conditioner. Then apply the conditioner beginning at the ends and working it through the roots. Comb through using a wide-toothed comb, removing all tangles from the hair. Allow the conditioner to remain on the hair 5-10 minutes and rinse using lukewarm water. When finished, gently towel-blot the hair to remove all excess water. Begin your styling regimen by applying a leave-in conditioner.

Curly girls, I prefer a crème leave-in conditioner like Design Essentials Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner. Hydrate will intensely moisturize your curls and help to minimize frizzy hair, as well as encourage separation. Apply a nickel- to quarter-size amount into the palms of hands, emulsify and apply. Now, this is when styling curly hair gets fun. You have the option for numerous styles like soft and defined ringlets, or wavy and loose curls. I recommend using a curling crème gel to achieve your desired look. Try Design Essentials Natural Defining Crème Gel. This product should be applied to damp hair using ample amounts of product to ensure curl definition. For more curl definition, try twisting your curls creating long individual twists. Let hair air dry, or use a diffuser to gently dry the hair. Your curls will be defined with minimal to no frizz.

Dear Rebecca: This past February I had the Brazilian Blowout done, then in May I had it done again, this time using a weaker version. My hair is pretty straight.

Normally I have very curly hair, corkscrew type of curls. I was hoping for something that would eliminate all the frizz, and simply loosen the curls. I didn't want something that would take them away completely. The straight hair looks very pretty; however, I'm hoping for a happy medium. Something that will still leave my curl, and some volume, but take away that awful frizz, and also that feeling like my hair is a helmet. If you will recommend a treatment like the Brazilian though not as severe, that will still leave my curl, I'd be very grateful to you.

Dear Miss Frizz: Let me begin by saying we all feel you when it comes to frizz. I find that typically you cannot 100% eliminate frizz. But, there are some definite ways of controlling it. The hair usually frizzes in response to being moisture-deficient, overly manipulated, and sometimes cut with the wrong tools. I would estimate that your hair now feels a little dry, and appears dull. Do not worry! You can heal your hair. Try a moisturizing treatment, beginning first with a clarifying treatment to remove all impurities on the hair, then shampoo with Design Essentials Moisture Retention Shampoo. You will immediately feel the results after shampooing.

I love, love, love Design Essentials Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner. It replenishes the hair with moisture and protein leaving the hair feeling rejuvenated. So be sure try Stimulations and remember to towel-blot your hair to remove excess water before applying this conditioner. Allow Stimulations to infuse your strands for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. The cool water closes the cuticle layer of the hair, locking in moisture and leaving the hair feeling soft and silky. As I said above, the key to taming frizzy hair is always using a leave-in conditioner. Think of leave-in conditioners like your purse, you would never leave the house without it!

Now on a daily basis, try using a moisturizing agent to re-hydrate your curls, and style. Wave by Design 2N1 Define and Shine is an excellent way to rehydrate curls, and define with shine. It’s really simple to use too. Apply a quarter-size amount to palms emulsify and apply to hair focusing on defining each curl with hands. Remember not to over manipulate or play too much with your hair. This will cause frizz. Manipulate just enough to where the curl is defined and beautiful. You’ll be able to enjoy your style all day.

Dear Rebecca: All my life, 50 years, I have had curly hair. Sometimes I hated it because it was so curly. During humid days it was super curly. I started to use a round brush and a Chi blow dryer. Also I used the Chi flat iron. Now I have lost all my curls and is totally straight and dry. Please tell me what I did wrong and is my curly hair is coming back again. I guess I did not hated it that much. My hair is so dry and brittle. Any advice? I do condition every time I wash it.

Dear Lost Curls: Without seeing your hair in person it may be difficult for me to accurately tell you what happened. My guess is that you may have overly styled your hair, therefore changing the texture from curly to straight. It is also possible that a change in medication, hormones, and lifestyle change can cause your curls to leave. I’m going to ask you do one thing to determine if your change in texture is due to styling or the causes I referenced above. When your hair is wet, look at the root to see if there is any texture or wave pattern trying to form. If so, you may be in luck and your hair might just need some moisture to help rejuvenate those lost curls.

Now if you don’t see any texture or wave, then it is possible your texture has changed. If you’re really unhappy with your hair, then you may want to consider visiting your hairstylist for a cut. Or, you may learn to love your new look! Also take a break from the blow dryer and flat iron. Try wearing your hair in a low-maintenance style to help the hair recover from thermal damage. Finally, begin shampooing your hair less to help preserve moisture as well.

Dear Rebecca: Are there any products on the market now that will relax color-treated, naturally curly hair? A long time ago I had straighteners put on my hair and then I lost ALL the body along with the curl. My curls are tight and I tried layered haircuts (which never worked for me). It is mostly one length now and when it’s wet, it is about shoulder length but shrinks considerably as it dries. I want some curls but wonder if they can be loosened a bit so I will have length. I color treat my hair about every 5-6 weeks, so I don’t want anything that will damage my hair.

What do you recommend?

Dear Curly Color locks: Here is the great thing about color… it actually helps to relax curls! I don’t recommend chemically straightening your curls. This will most definitely cause serious damage by placing one chemical (color) over another (straightener). But there is way for your curls to relax without chemicals. Try straightening your curls 1-2 times a week. Your curls will be forced to temporally relax because they are being thermally straightened. You will see a working change by alternating between straight and curly. This will also easily relax your curls with minimal to no damage. Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Of course, do not forget your leave in conditioner to maintain moisture. Finally, apply a moisturizing styling product like a silicone based styling serum to your hair prior to straightening. Silicone is really great because when heated, it expands and can create a protective barrier around the hair shaft to protect the hair from heat. Looking forward to hearing about your beautiful results.