Dear CurlySuzy:

I have fine, frizzy waves and curls. I went to a curly hair specialist for a cut because I had had my hair permed to give it more body (it was shoulder length at the time) and it totally fried my hair. I had it cut to my ears, and a million layers for curls. It looked pretty good but still in bad condition. I went to another place (more reasonably priced!) and we both agreed to cut shorter to get rid of the damage. My hair is in better shape, but it's so layered that it doesn't curl easily and my scalp shows through in places.

I wash my hair 3x a week and always wet and condition it everyday. I use all different products—sometimes they work, sometimes not. Lately I'm using DevaCurl AnGEL. It's pretty good and washes out easily. One question is that mousses are recommended for fine hair, but it seems to knot up the back of my head and then the curls are sticky and stuck together. I like the smooth, clean curl, not the ones stuck together that look like plastic.

Did I make a mistake by getting too many layers? They cut my hair dry and seem to snip where needed, not like the usual wet cut and systematically cutting sections "equally" on both sides. Would my hair curl neater, fuller and cleaner with fewer layers? I'm trying to grow it out a bit and want to know if it's wise to ask for less layering or do I need it because my hair is so thin?


Dear Barbara:

I think layers are a good thing most of the time. You might want to let it grow a bit. That I think will make the layers more likable. Short layers are hard to deal with unless your hair is really thick.

Here are some products that may help you get through the grow-out phase.

I agree with you that mousses are tricky. Here is one that I think you will like. You have to let it dry with very little touching. Touching causes frizz. When it is dry gently scrunch out the glaze. The product is suppose to be scrunched to get soft waves and curls. It is water soluble so it will not have that plastic, non-water-soluble, silicone feeling.

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

Also are you doing any deep conditioning? That will really make a huge difference. It really helps to do this once a week for 30 minutes. Adding as much moisture as you can is key to getting your hair back in shape.

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair