Breast cancer is a scary subject. First, there are the daunting one in eight women affected statistics, then the death rate (which is thankfully lowering in the U.S., but sadly increasing worldwide), and finally, the intense battle against the cancer itself.

The fight can be even more overwhelming as women start losing what they've cherished for so long — their hair. Over once the chemo stops, however, the hair battle still isn't won. Only 34 percent of post-chemotherapy patients find that their straight hair grows back curly.

Because straight hair care and curly hair care are drastically different, women face a radical new change in their lifestyle including new products, new techniques and, new frustration.

Caring for Chemo Curls

Curls of any type are beautiful and frustration can easily be put at ease with a few simple tricks and tips to get your chemo curls pre-chemo fabulous! The line of special curly hair care products from Curly Hair Solutions can help.

Chemo Curls Product Recommendations

  1. Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo: Both are perfectly pH balanced and gentle enough for everyday use. Both cleanse the hair without stripping away essential oils or creating product build up. Because of curl pattern, essential oils from your head have a harder time making it down the hair shaft than they did when your hair was straight. Keeping these oils in your hair is essential to good curly hair care. Product buildup also weighs your curls down, causing them to loose shine.
  2. Slip Detangler: This light, leave-in spray softens hair and adds moisture without adding weight, making detangling your hair easier than ever. Because those essential oils have a hard time making it down the hair shaft, curly hair has a tendency to be more dry. Using a leave-in conditioner as part of your daily curly hair care to make sure your hair stays frizz free, soft and shiny!
  3. Curl Keeper: Use this water-based and chemical free signature styling product to eliminate frizz and define ringlets no matter what your curl type. Distribute Curl Keeper on wet hair from roots to ends, allowing the water to distribute the product evenly. Once it has totally dried, Curl Keeper won't give your hair the look or feel of having products in it, so feel free to use generous amounts to control unwanted frizz.

Want More?

Need more curly hair care tips for chemo curls? Join the CurlTalk conversation, get tips, give tips and look beautiful!

Final Thoughts

Learning to control and style your curly hair takes patience and practice. What curly hair tips do you wish you had known from the very beginning? Help our chemo-curly sisters out!