It's time to find your inner curl expert. To help you accomplish this goal, Curly Hair Solutions presents two new step-by-step instructional videos that show you how to create perfectly controlled, frizz-free curls by using the right tools together with the right products. You will be able to achieve these results by yourself in a way that is fun and easy. Mastering the art of styling your curly hair will bring you the gift of looking and feeling great all the time with great hair days every day.

The two brand new how-to videos will give you the ability to easily achieve a great hairstyle consistently. Curly Hair Solutions has tested these tools in many different ways, and their success has made them must-have accessories for curly hair.

The Roller Jaw Clamp Video (Secures Curls While Providing Lift at the Root):

This how-to video showcases the methods and techniques we use with our Roller Jaw Clamps. You will be able to master the art of creating volume and bounce whenever you want to by using our step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your curls.

The Root brush video

The Root Brush Video (Controls the Direction of Hair Growth):

The Root Brush video will help you correct and control the direction of hair growth. You will never again have a problem with cowlicks and flat crowns. The results are amazing. The Root Brush is very safe to use and will give you instant results. It is also a great scalp massager.