Dear Jonathan: I have always had nice, curly hair. Recently a stylist stripped the color out. Since then, blow-outs are the only type of style that looks good. I'm afraid of damaging my hair. It hardly curls anymore. The products I've used for blow-outs are building up and making my hair greasy. Please help me out!

A: The reason your hair has lost its curl is because the chemicals have broken down the essential hair bonds that are responsible for hair’s elasticity. This is the ability for hair to stretch without breaking. The ingredients in the Treatment Shampoo will rebuild those precious sulphur bonds, which over time will deepen the ‘s’ formation of your curl. The ReMane Straight will help protect your hair from extreme heat and over-stretching while you continue to wear your hair straight. Sooner or later you should start wearing your hair curly and allow Curl Keeper to control the frizz.

Dear Jonathan: My hair has been super straight for my entire life. I had breast cancer in '04, plus an autoimmune disease has been recently diagnosed. My hair it TOTALLY curly now! What happened? I did have radiation, I was also put on high doses of prednisone, pain medicine, and you name it. I have been under extreme stress as a result.

A: Hormones are one of the biggest factors in causing hair to change. There is evidence of this when young girls go through puberty or women go through menopause and it is extremely common after cancer treatments. Sometimes hair will return to its normal straightness over time, and sometimes it will remain curly. As this is a new experience for you, it is very important that you learn how to control the frizz and use products that have higher quality ingredients to control and condition. Luckily today, there are wonderful products and techniques available.

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Dear Jonathan: My hair is soft, but has these curly kinky curls coming from the crown of my head. I don’t know how to style it, deal with it, since I never had to before. The shorter I get it cut, the curlier it becomes. It would be fine if I could find the right cut and products to help me accept it, buy I don’t know where to go to. I feel ugly most days because my hair looks like I just got of bed every day. Please help me.

A: Obviously your hair has gone through some change, which is very common, and there are a few simple steps that will help you to manage your curls. Before you decide to get your hair cut, you have to learn how to control your curls with the right products and techniques. You will notice that when your hair is wet, all those fuzzy pieces are in control. Curl Keeper will duplicate that exact control. Learning to regroup the longer hair or the tighter hair pieces will support those flyaways when they dry. Curl Keeper vanishes, leaving your hair soft, healthy and frizz free.

Dear Jonathan: I have curly dark hair that I get blown out every 2 weeks because of the fact that after a couple of hours of styling with gel, it gets a big poof in the back. I would like to know how to get rid of that poof so I can FINALLY stop blow drying it and can love my curls once again.

A: Gel is too thick to spread evenly to control your curls. Curl Keeper has the same consistency as water and it dries very clean. You can use a generous amount and it will distribute evenly in your wet hair. Make sure that the root area is thoroughly saturated. This will bring down the volume as your hair is always in control when it’s wet. Curl Keeper will duplicate the same effect that water has and, as a result, will control that puffy spot.

Dear Jonathan: My hair is somewhat wavy and somewhat curly and very frizzy. I have tried a bunch of products and none of them work. My hair is about medium thickness, not thin and not thick. I don’t know what to do my hair looks awful everyday and its really lowering my self confidence!

A: All curly hair is prone to frizz. In order to control all frizz, we are confident that Curl Keeper will be the one product that you will need. The challenge is that you have to adjust your styling techniques by scrunching or squishing the looser curls while they are wet, not touching the tighter curl areas, and allowing you hair to dry as much possible on its own. The scrunching on the looser curls will allow them to have more bounce so that all your curls blend together and dry frizz- free.