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Editor’s Note: CurlyCurly answers your questions in her weekly Dear CurlySuzy and writes articles on ingredients and finding the right products for your curls.

Being healthy, buying natural products and living green are on the top of my “To Do” list. Earth Month, and watching the movie “An Arctic Tale” with my kids, reminds me that going green is the only way to go. I now take my own shopping bags to the grocery store, I use less energy in my house, and I ride my bike more.

Going green while still keeping my curls looking good is also on that “To Do” list. But that task is a little more challenging for me.

Of course I love trying new products and new styling routines. But doing that while going green takes some extra work. My bad hair days still haunt me. So I have to talk myself into alternating or maybe switching to products that aren’t in my Holy Grail arsenal. Some I will never give up, while others I replace with greener options.

polar bear

CurlySuzy is doing her part to save polar bears.

I am trying to find that green healthy balance in my curly products. Thinking about the polar bears and their melting world seriously motivates me. Instead of reminding my kids to turn the lights off, I just say “polar bears.” So when it comes to going green with my hair, I think “polar bears” as I’m grabbing new products to try.

The good news is that I’ve found some great options. And I’d love to hear more from you if anyone wants to add comments or email me. So here are some helpful hints and some suggestions form my green shopping cart:

Helpful Hints

Become a Label Reader. Look for ingredients that you recognize as natural, such as essential oil, fruits, vegetables, herbs, coconut milk, honey, olive oil, and butters. If an ingredient is hard to pronounce it is more than likely hard on your hair too. Hair is super-absorbent, like our skin is, so try to avoid petroleum and petroleum derivatives, as well as phthalates, formaldehyde, parabens, hair dyes with carcinogenic coal tar and synthetic fragrances.

Look for seals and labels. Some good labels to look for include ECO-Cert, USDA Organic and CSC compact

Buy Big. Try to buy liter sizes and use a pump to get every last drop of that precious hair product.

Brrrr! Use cold water to rinse your hair. Save on energy while keeping your hair shafts closed and moisturized.

Read more about hair products in’s CurlProducts section. We have lots of reviews and ingredient listings on all the products available from CurlMart and products that are sold in other stores, salons and drugstores.

Swap Products. Trade products that don’t work for you instead of throwing them away. Your mantra should be, trade away instead of throw away.

Curly Green Shopping List

CurlySuzy wants you to be able to try out some of these great products, so she’s offering a special promotion code to her readers. Type in CurlySuzy15 and get a 15% discount at CurlMart.

MOP C (Modern Organic Products”> has lots of organic ingredients and smells great too. The Curl Defining Cream accentuates and maintains the curls. I like to use it as a leave-in conditioner.

HPO (Happy People Only”> is a new line for us that I just love. The name thrills me as much as the products do!

The Spa Hair Conditioner nourishes my curls with avocado and honey. It is my new very favorite conditioner.

John Masters Organics are gentle and healthy products filled with organic & natural ingredients. The non-sulfate Evening Primrose Shampoo is a good one for delicate, dry curly locks.

Oyin Handmade are natural products that focus on styling, nourishment and the health of hair and skin. The Honey Hemp Conditioner is a do-all conditioner. Use it as a daily conditioner, deep treatment or a leave-in.

Kinky-Curly, a line we can barely keep on the shelves. It is so popular and great for your hair. The Knot Today is a super-charged detangler and moisturizer. That marshmallow root must have some magic in it.

Curl Junkie products are super healthy and moisturizing. The Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment is a rejuvenating, restorative deep conditioner. Lots of healing butters and oils in this one.

Product is a simple and unique styling aid. It works well with all hair types and lengths. Perfect for fly-aways and split ends. Leaves hair soft, smooth and healthy.

MYHoneyChild products are one step away from needing to go in your refrigerator. They are full of the healthy green ingredients. The HoneyNutt Scalp Cleanser is a gentle shampoo that will leave your curls soft and shiny.

Innersense Organic Beauty has lots to choose from. My favorite is the Inner Reflection Finishing Polish. It is adds shine and a flexible hold to any curly style.

Arbre de Vie Shea Hot Oil Treatment is a nutritious treatment to hydrate your curls. Take 30 minutes out of your day for this one.

Little Sprout for babies and up. Only the good stuff for our little ones. My top favorites are the Children’s Curl Calmer and the Children’s Miracle Detangler . Both are lifesavers in the morning or after a nap.

Curly Suzy

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