Healthy curls are what we all want, but that is not the day-to-day reality for many of us. It can be a frustrating struggle to get those frizz-free, defined and bouncy curls. Yet it is necessary to our self-esteem to feel good about how our curls look. We spend lots of money and time trying to get our curls looking great and feeling healthy. Loving your curls on the good hair days is easy. Figuring out how to get fewer bad hair days is the challenge. As I was answering my CurlySuzy emails the other day, I had this “moment” while looking at all the subject lines from Curlies needing advice. I was struck by the humor and the honesty of so many Curlies. Here are a few of them. It is a poem of curly despair.

HELP! My hair is driving me crazy!

  • Stubborn dry hair
  • Sad and confused
  • Help for damaged blond highlights
  • Menopausal hair
  • SOS — curls with multiple personalities
  • Blending Multiple Hair Types
  • Help! Big hair with a curl and wave
  • Fried hair
  • At a loss, with my curls
  • Frizzy poufy hair
  • Curl crazy
  • Curly vs straight
  • Curl catastrophes
  • Help needed for a curly mess…
  • Schizophrenic hair
  • Hair’s a nightmare
  • Split ends galore
  • Help!!
  • Frustrated curly girl
  • Hair needing some direction
  • Mature, fine & thinning curly hair
  • Help with humidity!
  • Dryness
  • Overwhelmed!
  • Help for my overly porous hair…please

Curly hair is a part of who we are. It is always changing from day to day. Our love for products is fleeting and obsessive at the same time because of this.

What would help all of us get through the frustration is some extra-time deep conditioning. Sitting down once a week for 30 minutes with your favorite deep conditioner on your curls. Doing this works wonders for dry curls and curls that need a jump start. Your products will work better and the frizz is diminished right away. Take that 30 minutes and relax. I know I hardly ever do that once a week. My relaxing time is mostly when I am sleeping. We all need to stay healthy and keep our curls healthy as well. Slowing down and treating ourselves to a deep conditioning session with heat will soothe our curls.

When I take my 30 minutes for my curls I sit under my hooded dryer and read. Sometimes I do yoga with a hat on, letting my body heat warm up the conditioner. Using the Heat Therapy Wrap works well too. Try to use that 30 minutes just for yourself and your curls.

I know when my curls start getting frizzy and too big I am burning that candle at both ends. Curl are complicated, frustrating and glorious all at the same time, just like our lives. I am thrilled on a good hair day and still disturbed on a bad one. Usually my curls are trying to tell me something on those bad days.

That something is: slow down and relax. Take some time for yourself and your curls.

Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioner

Top favorite deep conditioners:

Suzanne Schroeder

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