Dear Curly Suzy: I am an African-American female with Type 3/4 (3 in the front and 4) in the back. I have developed a wheat/gluten allergy recently (found this out when I broke out in hives from Miss Jessie's Stretching Silkening Creme. Can you suggest shampoos, conditioners and finishing cremes to take away the frizz? I wish I could still use Miss Jessie's (been buying for 6 years) but my allergy will no longer allow it.

Miss Jessie

Dear Natalie: I am sorry that you have to switch from a product that you have been using for so long. I hope I can help with some new ideas for wheat- and gluten-free hair products.

Wheat- and gluten-free cleansers

Wheat- and gluten-free conditioners

Wheat- and gluten-free leave-in conditioners

Wheat- and gluten-free finishing cremes

I hope these or some of these look good to you. Please email me if you have any questions about this.