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CurlySuzy writes articles on ingredients and finding the right products for your curls.

You have had a perfect curl day for your special occasion. Whether it is an updo, adding flowers or a special hair accessory, it has been a great hair day. You feel beautiful. By the end of the day, you are thinking "too bad my perfect curls won't last for a few more days."

Even more pressing: "How am I going to manage my curls tomorrow?" Bed-head — or second day hair — has a completely different meaning when curls are involved. How much do you really want your loved one to know about you and your curls in the morning? Most curlies would answer: "as little as possible!"

I have tried embracing the idea that my hair couldn't look that bad in the morning. I imagine there will be a smile with cute amusement at the state of my curls. In a moment of complete denial, I have even had the thought that my curls could have that sexy wild look. At this point, reality comes crashing in. The special occasion curls are now frizzy, smashed and unruly, which can cause looks of shock and confusion. The reaction can be as unpredictable as the curls.

Wake up with beautiful curls

There are those rare magical mornings when the curls miraculously survive. I truly wish this upon all the curlies of the world. Many curlies are so thrilled about their super second day hair they admit to skipping the shower and saving those curls. "If I take a shower on one of these days, I might as well kiss my good hair day good-bye" says CurlTalker TC. CurlTalker Whatsercurl says, "I skip the shower. I'd rather stink than mess up my hair."

One strategy to attaining second-day curls is sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Other curlies gather their curls in a scrunchie on the top of their head, a technique known as "The Pineapple." CurlTalker Irish_Carrottop says "I am in love with pineappling! I love it because it doesn't smoosh my curls when I sleep."

Another possibility is plopping. CurlTalker Littleamazon says "I've heard a lot of good things about plopping (the thing where you wrap the t-shirt around your head right.) A friend of mine does it every night before bed and her hair comes out great!" I prefer a cuter method of using the Curl-Ease towel instead of a t-shirt. But really none of these options is very attractive.

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If the the second-day hair miracle doesn't occur, the pillowcase has failed you and the pineapple or plopping doesn't pan out, here's another plan of action. Try to revive the curls from last night. Wake up quietly, get your products and get busy. The trick is not to overdo it with products. A curl refresher spray can do wonders. Some curlies prefer water but that tends to cause more frizz for me. Spray the ends and the root area to add some life to the curls. If the frizz is really extreme, spray the product in the palms of your hands and smooth over your curls. These are some of my favorite curl refresher sprays.

Curl Junkie's Curl Fuel

Blended Beauty's Kick for Curls

MOP C-Curl Refreshing Spray

Jessicurl Awe Inspiraling Spray

Curlisto Curl Reform

DevaCurl Set It Free

Using a pomade or a light cream after the spray can activate the smashed areas and take away the frizz. Here are a few good ones to try

MOP Glisten High Shine Pomade

Curly Hair Solutions Tweek

Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (only if used the day before)

Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets mixed with Confident Coils

CurlTalker Plink suggests this method for applying products to second day hair: spritz hair with water (not too much), wet hands with water, put tiny dollop of product on palms and rub hands together, along with the water. Smooth over the canopy, like making a ponytail. Gently flip over and scrunch remaining product in, smoothing over canopy again if needed, but don't pull at it. Once dry or mostly dry, SOTC (scrunch out the crunch).

If all else fails, be sure to have your favorite hat or scarf. Why all this crazy effort for my curls? I think they're worth it. I will always have them in the back of my mind. I will always be trying new products and routines for them. Maybe there is a special curl-saving pillow that I don't know about yet! How will I fit that in my bag? I'm sure I'll find a way!