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It is December and I am counting my shopping days until the holidays. I've got my list and I am checking it twice. Whether your curls have been naughty or nice and you need holiday products or you're shopping for the Curlies in your life, here are some fun Curly gift ideas.

Start by shopping in CurlMart and use the 15% discount coupon code GIFT. Hurry, the coupon is valid for seven days only, expiring December 7.

Here are some helpful hints below for that perfect Curly present. You might have to put some in your own stocking as well. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Do you know a Curly who is always on the run? Wet curls and cold winter air are not a healthy combination. My grandmother's voice is ringing in my head, "you will catch a deadly cold in that winter air with wet hair". The new Hand Dry Hair Glove ($22.95) is the perfect answer. It will drastically reduce the time it takes to dry curls.

One of the beauties of the Glove is that it allows you to style your hair while drying it. Buy the Glove on its own or splurge on the Holiday Hair Glove Kit ($44.99) which includes the Glove and the popular and can't live without Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper and Slip Detangler. The Kit comes wrapped and ready to give in a simple holiday bag.

We all need a good hair clip for our curls while we are at the gym or in the kitchen cooking for the holidays. Wouldn't it be great if it looked good with our holiday outfit as well? With all the rushing around in the holiday season, who has time to re-style their curls? The Flex-8 Hair Clip is the perfect answer. Update that plastic jaw clip you've had for ages with the Flex-8 Hair Clip. It is comfortable, durable and comes in many sizes and styles to fit every curl. It will never slip and you will hardly know it is there. Every Curly here at is loving them.

For a limited time for Curlies Shop Now and buy 4 clips and get one free!

Got a Curly in your life with dry, damaged and frizzy hair? This is a perfect gift to heat and treat their curls. Curly hair can be taken to a new level with the cordless Heat Therapy Wrap ($18.66) and your favorite deep-conditioning treatment. A fast, easy, heated treatment system that heats in just 80 seconds in the microwave! Give your curl friends and relatives what they deserve this holiday season.

For the practical, no-nonsense Curly in your life, choose the Jessicurl You-Build-It Kit ($33.66). It includes three full-sized products from Jessicurl's fabulous lineup, and all the goodies will come packed in our exclusive tote bag. Re-use the bag and rejoice in having great products for your curls.

Calm, soothe and de-stress the Curls this season. Give the gift of oils. Indulge and deep condition with our great assortments of oils.

Oil Treatment for Transitioning Curlies:

MYHoneyChild Intensive Hair Oil Treatment $20

Organic Oil Treatment for Natural Curlies:

Greenridge Herbals Hot Oils Hair Treatment $16

Oil Treatment for Curlies with an unhappy scalp:

HPO Happy Scalp $11

Oil Treatments for healthy hair growth:

Jessicurl Stimulating Scalp Massage Oil $10.00

Most Curlies are product junkies. We love to try new products, and are always looking for the perfect combination of products to have a frizz-free day. We've done the work for you and created Curly Cocktails ($45.95 - $79.95). These Cocktails were created using some of our favorite Holy Grail products and a lot of experimenting. Curly Cocktails are the perfect gift for any Curly. Choose from 9 different Cocktails, each one designed for a specific type of Curl. Packaged in a recyclable kraft gable box. The Cocktails includes products that work beautifully together, a recipe card, wide-toothed hanging shower comb and a spunky swizzle stick.

Curls can't survive on products alone. Every Curl deserves to be happy this season. Surprise your best Curly friend with a set of curl friendly towels. The Curls Like Us Cloths ($24) are smooth-surfaced, absorbent towels designed to reduce frizz and drying time while creating beautifully defined curls.