Dear Ouidad: I was recently involved in a burn accident that resulted in loss of some hair, damage to my scalp, and damage to the rest of my hair. I have always wanted to have straight, sleek hair and I’m considering thermal reconditioning. Another part to this is that I also have dark brown hair (level 2-3), but have colored and highlighted it to a level 7-8 blond. After waiting a while longer until my scalp heals up more, do you think it would be safe to keep up the coloring and highlighting as well as starting the thermal reconditioning?

A: After you are completely healed, you can choose what you like, but you should embrace your curls! Be aware that highlighting, coloring, AND thermal reconditioning will cause a lot of damage to your already-delicate hair. I would choose one of those treatments that you just can’t live without and then make sure you’re getting your hair cut every 8-10 weeks and using Deep Treatment twice a month to strengthen and protect against total damage.