Defining a head full of curls requires patience and some fabulous products, like the Beautiful Textures line. Whether you like your spiral-shaped tresses to look fluffy or incredibly defined, all of us curly girls must adhere to a few simple styling commandments.

It's All About the Products

  1. Using a softening shampoo is key, but a hydrating conditioner is an absolute must. Detangling keeps your curls in check and helps you lock in your most defined pattern. After smoothing on conditioner, use a paddle brush to gently detangle from ends to roots. Try coiling curls in large bundles to maintain shape and prep for styling. Try: Tangle Taming Shampoo with Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner.
  2. If you finger style, pay particular attention to your roots. Finger styling is the process of vigorously running product through your wet hair. Many naturalistas miss this important area and don’t spend enough time or use enough product to get the look they really desire. Don’t be afraid to reach close to your scalp to ensure that your product is evenly distributed. Try: Curl Control Defining Pudding with Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème.
  1. Curly hair is perfect for coiling. You don’t need a straw or roller rod to get the look of a wet set. Simply saturate your tresses and finger-coil your mane for a chic, soft look. Set hair under a dryer and unravel using a little oil. Try: Leave-In Conditioner with Shine and Silken Growth Oil.
  2. Two-stand twist for a wavy look. You can instantly transform your curly tresses by two-strand twisting in large sections. The result is a beautiful soft wave. Try: Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème.

What products and routines do you use to define and perfect your curls?