my first day results from Killer Curls 
Hey NaturallyCurly world, Devri here. I have a serious question:  Have you ever tried a curly hair product in spite of all the praise it has received simply because you don't want to be another 'hypebeast'? And then, after giving in and finally trying said product, did you fall absolutely head over heels in lust with the beautiful results it gave you? And now here you are, by default, surrendering to the effects of following a hype. If this has ever been you throughout your naturally curly hair journey, I'm glad I'm not the only one. This product gets a lot of love on other blogs I follow, but it's hard to tell what's real and what's paid for. The following review, however, is completely honest and genuine.
This has been the effect of using Killer Curls by Kevin Murphy just one time.

What the label says:

A leave-in anti-frizz curl defining creme. For medium to coarse, curly or wavy hair. Paraben free. Directions: Apply to towel dried or damp hair and scrunch to activate curl.

The active ingredients are water, lanolin wax, propylene glycol, and cetearyl alcohol. Together, these ingredients create the perfect frizz-fighting, curl-defining creamy substance that is light and ideal for helping curly girls like myself keep their volume and clumped curls at the same time. It's a killer combo, no pun intended.

What Killer Curls looks, feels, and smells like

A fine milky liquid that feels sticky when pumped onto the pads of my fingers. The Helichrysum essential oil ("everlasting" oil) scent is potent--herbal, musky with honey tea undertones.

First impressions

This product without a doubt gives me luxurious vibes. It comes in a modern mint green geometric shaped bottle that I wouldn't mind proudly displaying in my shower or on the bathroom counter. It stands up with an easy pump nozzle that gives me easy access to controlling the amount I want to use.

How I applied Killer Curls

1. Right after co-washing and detangling my curls in the shower, I rinsed one time with lukewarm water but didn't reach for my towel yet.

2. Using the pads of my fingers only, I pumped enough cream to coat them all after getting out the shower.

3. Running them through mainly the ends of my hair and my problem area of frizz at the crown, I gently twirled each section (think: creating bantu knots).

4. Then, I grabbed my towel and scrunched the excess water and product out until it didn't feel as sticky in my hair and there was no more white residue.

5. Normally I would finish my wash and go style with a light oil to seal, but this time I wanted to see how Killer Curls stood on its own.

Where you can get Killer Curls

On the Kevin Murphy website. Yes, it's about $34 for 6.7 ounces, but a little goes a long way. Like I mentioned before, only a few pumps over the pads of my fingers to smooth my frizz was enough application to last an entire week.

Have you tried Killer Curls?

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