We all take extra time in drugstores to browse the beauty section, but are you a discount hair product junkie?

The Frequent Buyer

Motto: A full closet is a happy closet

At drugstore prices, the frequent buyer can buy one or two products every week, or stock up in multiples. In fact, she can purchase an entire line of products at Wal-Mart or Target. For her, the price is always right when she’s pulling the product from her closet! After all, buying in multiples saves money, right?

Risk Taker

Motto: What’s a dud product or two at these prices?

The risk taker doesn’t worry about buying products she hasn’t tried. With the low cost of entry, she can afford to take the plunge and risk a little trial and error. She may even find her new favorite, cheap, perfect products from her cart full of never-tried.

Instant Gratification PJ

Motto: I can’t wait—I need it now!

Why wait even a few days and pay for shipping when the Instant Gratifier can stroll into a chain drugstore and get her product groove on immediately? The easy button, automatic doors and self-checkout was made for her. If she has access to discount hair products, she will buy them—whether she needs them or not. In fact the instant gratification PJ may already have bought the product—and forgot!

The Tommy PJ

Motto: See it, feel it, touch it, buy it!

The Tommy PJ is visual and tactile. She needs to smell it, look at the texture, hold it, and feel it, or else she’s not buying it. No photo on a web site will ever be good enough for her. Remember, if you ever find that your concealer bottle has already been opened, never fear, the Tommy PJ was here.

The Day Trader

Motto: Knowledge is power!

The Day Trader uses the power of the Internet to keep tabs on sales and discounts. She knows the location, current price, and inventory of every Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens within a 20-mile radius. She has an intelligence network of area buddies who report on stock at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Trader Joes. She knows where salon brands are available for half price. She always knows where you can get it for a dollar less. And when she locates a source where she can buy discount hair products in bulk—road trip!

Karen Mcintosh (Suburbanbushbabe in CurlTalk) is grateful to the straight hair gods who ignored her. Share your views with Karen in CurlTalk or her blog, SurbanBushBabe.

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Karen McIntosh
I am looking for something to replace Artec Kiwi shine wax…any ideas? I bought 6 containers about a year ago for my friends and , and now they’re gone. I can’t see paying $30.00 for a 2 oz jar. If you could suggest something that is very stiff like this product, I’d really appreciate it