When you think of a pill, you think of something designed to heal an illness. That is why we at NaturallyCurly.com are appalled by L’Oreal Paris’ announcement that researchers are developing a pill to straighten hair. Popping a pill, they claim, could turn curly hair straight and vice versa by changing the hook-shaped hair bulb. The thought that people would be swallowing hormones to straighten their hair is a terrifying prospect. In addition to the possible health implications of ingesting something powerful enough to change your hair, it sends a negative message to people with curly and kinky hair. We at NaturallyCurly.com do not believe curly hair is something to be cured. We are not against straightening curls, but do not believe people should feel that they have to do so to be attractive. We would urge the scientists at L’Oreal to focus on those ailments that truly need fixing.