No matter your hair type, hair length, or hair style every curlista is going to need some certain accessories in her life. But if you’re just starting on your curl journey, you might not know what they are yet! Before you go hitting up those product sales, make sure you have these must-haves on hand.

Microfiber Towels

A pink Aquis microfiber towel

Hate the frizz and breakage of a normal terrycloth towel, but love not having to reach into your closet for a tee-shirt every time you want to dry your hair? A microfiber towel will dry hair faster while creating less frizz-causing friction thanks to the closely woven and extra-absorbent material. Try out Aquis! Their microfiber line includes not only towels in various sizes, but also turbans you can wrap your hair in to dry. Options are always great.


The Devacurl Devafuser attachment, a bright green hand-shaped diffuser

If you regularly use a blow dryer to dry your curls, your strands are at risk for some serious damage. Heat can leave hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. With a diffuser, the heat isn’t applied directly to hair so you get the benefits of heat to quickly dry your hair and add volume, but without the damaging temperatures directly on your strands. While there are a lot of diffusers out there, one that was designed specifically for curly hair by curly hair specialists is the DevaCurl DevaFuser. It offers a full 360 degrees of airflow to give you healthy, happy, highly defined curls!

Bobby Pins

A set of Donna bobby pins in two inch and three inch lengths

There’s a reason so much curly girl humor revolves around losing bobby pins—they’re essential! In fact, some styles are literally impossible to achieve without the use of these little friends. Whether you’re putting your hair into an elegant updo or just looking to keep things in place, they are the perfect curly tool. Best of all, they let you get a great hold without them being visible underneath your style! Check out this variety size pack from Donna to make sure you’ve got the pin length to suit your curl length at all times!


A brown wide-tooth Nubone comb

We wondered whether or not to even put this on the list, but for every 10 curlies that knows ‘comb’ is always on the list, there are at least three that aren’t quite sure where to start. Fingers and detangling brushes can only go so far, so this is less of an accessory and more of a necessity. Tangles are a fact of life for curly hair, and no matter how simple your everyday styles may be, a good wide-toothed comb is still a must to have on hand. With a comb like the NuBone II Finish Pro Detangler Comb, you get an easy, pain-free way to take on tangles without leading to strand breakage or hair loss.


A smiling deep skinned model shows off a bright smile and the Loza Tam Pink (multicolored print headband” title=”the loza tam headband”>

Headbands are one of the most versatile hair accessories for curly hair—especially now that we have these great fabric options! Use these during your workouts to keep hair in place while soaking up sweat, keep your hair out of your face at the beach, or just add a touch of style to your look. Bonus, if you’re a colored curly, these are a great stylish way to hide your roots while you’re between appointments. There are tons of styles to choose from for this style staple, but to best protect your curls, try out these satin-lined Loza Tam offerings!

Head Wraps

A model with earth-colored skin and a nose stud models the Ruby Sampson 72

When you want a versatile accessory you can use for several purposes, what can we say—issa wrap! These multifunctional fabric pieces can be used to wrap your hair at night, to lock in a deep conditioning treatment, and for those days when you want to pay homage to your ‘hair’itage. While there are lots of options out there, you want to choose hair wraps that are either silk, satin, or lined with either fabric to avoid adding friction and frizz to your strands. Smooth fabrics, silk especially, are also great for keeping coil’s natural or added moisture in place. Ruby Sampson has several colorful wraps in various sizes to chose from if you really want to make your hair look like the gift it truly is!

If you’re just starting out on your curl journey, have you made sure you have these essentials on hand?

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