Etsy Curlpreneurs: Entrepreneurs with a Twist!

2010-12-14 16:08:26

Etsy Curlpreneurs: Entrepreneurs with a Twist!

Using, these curly women have started their own business dedicated to beauty and curly hair.

Whipped Butter

Lil Better Butter-Vanilla Scent from Knaps—I love being me!

Another very successful curlpreneur is Spiral Solutions, based in Colorado. With the help of, these curl products can come to you in your very own home. Spiral Solutions makes all kinds of products for curly hair: styling agents, conditioners, butters and more! All of their products are made with natural ingredients that are healthy for your hair, and each item has a detailed description so you know exactly what you’re buying. Check it out!

Do you enjoy the moisturizing effects of butters? Belle Butters offers all varieties of body butters, face butters, and hair butters. They are very reasonably priced, 100% natural, and homemade to your liking. Belle Butters even offers custom orders! These whipped butters come in all different kinds of scents, such as Mango Moisture, Mint Chocolate, and Orange Cream Dream. They sound delicious enough to eat!

Knaps—I love being me! is devoted to providing butters and creams that better you on the outside and inside. With a motto like “Love your Hair, Love your Products, Love Yourself,” it’s no wonder they have received reviews from several users who claim to love the quality and the results.

You must visit Naturalista Tees if you have nothing but pride for your curls. They’re committed to using tee shirts to make a statement. They offer tee shirts and tote bags with messages that convey love and pride for natural hair, such as “Keep your Kinks” and “My Fro equals my Freedom.” It’s not enough to wear your curls on your head anymore, you have to wear them on your clothes!

For girls who like to express their sensuality and love for kinky hair, Kinky Brooklyn Girl has the tee shirts for you. These tee shirts come in all different colors and different messages, like “Kinky Harlem Girl,” “Kinky Girls Rock!” and “Go Kinky be Free PERManently.” Lightweight and 100% cotton, KinkyBrooklyn Girl’s tee-shirts are great for hot weather. Even if you don’t have kinky hair, this shop says that any free girl is a kinky girl.

Combining her love for cupcakes and her love for curly hair, this curlpreneur had the idea to represent curly haired women with cupcakes! Kay Lymon, the genius behind NaturalSweeties, makes tee-shirts with the cutest design. Each tee-shirt design has a different cupcake with their own personality and name, such as “Red Velvet” and “Twistah Girl.” These naturally sweet tees are incredibly unique, but Lymon is open to suggestions from her customers. She just might print your idea onto a tee-shirt.

If you're a curly girl and have an idea for a business, visit Curlpreneurs take risks, have ideas, and love their curls. Make your ideas come to life online and start reaping the benefits! Or, if you're simply a consumer in need of a unique gift for the holidays, visit their shops and support their ideas.

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