Packaging is kind of important to curly girls. Even if you do not realize it, the packaging of your hair care items bring more than just the product you plan on using. It is not just about spoiling, spilling, or sucking you in with aesthetically attractive designs on the labels. Packaging houses your product in different ways, which is not always appealing to the consumers. Believe it or not, there is science that goes into packaging beauty products.  

The trends in packaging are changing, and as consumers we bring about that change with our spending habits, concerns, and needs. The real question is do curlies, coilies, and curlies have different or special packaging needs than straight-haired consumers? I think so. Oh, not sure about that? Well, Cosmetics Design provides market research from the experts that outline the top four personal care packaging trends.

  • Sustainability – Consumers are globally aware and some are proactive about how their waste is affecting the planet. Going green is trendy so be wary of greenwashing, as manufacturers show off their green consciousness to promote a product. 
  • Convenience – Consumers have busier lifestyles than around 20 or even ten years ago, so our beauty products have to be easier to open, use, and transport. We are all conditioned for instant gratification and our products are reflective of these expectations. 
  • Male Grooming – There is an increasing number of male hair care and skin care products. Whether men are buying for themselves or women are purchasing them on their behalf (like I do for my husband), the market for this is growing. 
  • Value added products – Consumers want better features to enhance their experience, like applicator tips, roll-on bottles, and drop dispensers just to name a few. We want more systems where you suggest which products to pair and guide us on how to use them. 

Packaging is big business and for good reason. The packaging lures you in with its aesthetics, ease of use, and apparently a few other reasons. It is more than just a holder for your favorite product and even though I am more worried about what is in the package, I do have a few preferences on the exterior. For obvious reasons, having coily hair makes my hair journey a little harder in some ways and having the right products and packaging can help.


Give me a pump for my hair products any day of the week! Pump dispensers allow me to do the following:

  • Regulate how much to use because I am super heavy handed and if I have to scoop it out I will always take more than necessary
  • Not worry about spillage
  • Not contaminate the products with runoff water from my hair or shower
  • Distribute an equal amount to all sections
  • Aim the product in my palm without it spillage through fingers

The downside to a pump is when the bottle is almost empty it is difficult to get the remnants out! I do not like to waste so I do that to get every bit of the goodness! Jars are a no-no in the shower because you get water in them, you scoop out too much (or at least I do), and they fall over and spill. I do not have time for that!

Larger sizes

I need the ultra, super ridiculous sized products and hate when I cannot get them. I go through way too much conditioner for those cute 8 oz and 10 oz containers. I am working on some serious business when I get in the shower so I need products that last me longer than a few days so I will buy in the bigger size if I can. I wish more product lines would start offering them because they would find more of the curlies buying them with a vengeance. It is also great for less waste because they last longer and can be reused for just about anything. The huge bottle needs a pump too unless I am pouring it into a smaller bottle.


I love knowing that product lines want to save the planet for the generations to come. More companies are doing this and hopefully even some of the more luxury brands will follow suit.


Many of us are ditching packaging all together with DIY products in our own jars and bottles we reuse. I really like the shampoo bars that have no packaging and clays that require the minimal packaging. I am struggling to become a minimalist so reducing my packaging is an ongoing challenge for me but I welcome it daily. My husband is elated anytime I can find new ways to reduce the clutter in my bathroom.

Those are my favorite packaging for hair products but I would love to know which ones you prefer below.