Some of the most frequently sought-after hairstyles by women with straight, wavy, or even curly hair are, well, curly hairstyles! Just because your hair might be naturally curly doesn’t mean that you don’t want a different style occasionally. It also doesn’t mean that you will never have issues with fly-aways, or maybe a little frizz that might need to be tamed. In addition, there are always occasions when everyday hairstyles just won’t do, like weddings, anniversaries or holidays.

In fact, curlies love to experiment and find various ‘dos to style-up their beautiful locks. This is why even the curliest of curlies may invest in a curling iron to help tame or boost their natural curly hair.

Many curlies spend a great amount of time in front of the mirror creating that perfect look and most often it is a chore worth investing time in. But, what about when it’s time to travel, or when life gets too busy to spend a lot of time on your hair? Shouldn’t you still be able to get the best curls, no matter where you are?

The FHI Heat GO Curling Rod comes with a GO glove that protects your hands and fingers from any heat damage.

If you are on the go quite often, or if you only travel once in a while, then you will love the FHI Heat GO Curling Rod. Launched in July 2011, the Go Curling Rod is not your ordinary curling iron. This heated styling tool offers a 1-inch barrel that allows curls to occur up to 50 percent faster than other curling irons.

FHI Heat is known for its styling power, and this is even more evident in the GO Curling Rod, which contains an advanced heater that heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature.

The barrel is coated with ceramic tourmaline, which seals in moisture, giving you that seamless curl, along with abundant shine. It does all this in the blink of an eye, too! So even if you don’t travel, you will enjoy this little gem that will certainly become your new heat styling best friend.

The barrel and the quick heating of the GO Curling Rod allows for any type of curl that you desire, from big bouncy waves to springy ringlets. And  for those who are on the go often, this little beauty goes features dual voltage technology (110-220V”> providing the freedom to style and create no matter where you are.

As an added little bonus, this must-have comes with a thermal-resistant glove. No more burning your fingers while you are curling your hair.

FHI Heat began in 2003 by partnering with leading manufacturers of professional hair care products. Their mission was to create the world’s greatest, safest, and most beneficial flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons. The GO Curling Rod is their latest, and is sure to be a favorite of many a curly around the world.

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Final thoughts

Always remember that when heat styling, you need to protect your curls! Be sure to use plenty of conditioner, as well as heat protecting products.

Using heat styling on your natural tresses should be done as rarely as possible.

Kim Kirsch

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