Everyone thinks styling wavy hair is super easy, but not so much! Many wavier types tend to have finer, softer tresses which renders many products too heavy, and lighter solutions completely useless in taming frizz. So what’s a wavy girl to do?

Here are five easy tips to adding beautiful definition your waves using products from the Beautiful Textures line.

Say “So Long” to Frizzy Waves

  1. Use a softening shampoo to help smooth your tresses. Any great stylist will tell you great hair begins at the bowl. Try: Tangle Taming Shampoo.
  2. Bundle curls together during the conditioning process to help tame frizz. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out your conditioner or you’ll end up with sticky, weighed down waves. Try: A small dollop of Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner.
  1. Use a spray bottle when styling to keep hair wet. Wavier tresses tend to dry quickly, and that’s a serious no-no during the styling process. Continually spray your mane while scrunching and smoothing on your product to keep frizz at bay. Try: Adding a dollop of Leave-In Conditioner to a full spray bottle.
  2. Spot treat frizz. Add a little product to your trusty spray bottle and spray directly on curls as needed. This solution is also great for styling silkier waves when a product becomes a tad bit too heavy. Try: Adding a little Curl Control Defining Pudding to a full spray bottle.
  3. Let a serum become your best friend. These lightweight magical potions coat your tresses and address frizz without leaving a greasy film.Try: Smoothing on Shine and Silken Growth Oil.

What are your go-to products and techniques for keeping wavy hair frizz under control?


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