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"Go Green" might seem like overused marketing hype these days. Everywhere you turn, especially this time of year, we are implored to "go green."

But regardless of the hype, it's critical that each and every one of us does our part to preserve our planet. We are killing it, and if we do not take measures to end the slaughter, the consequences will be dire.

NaturallyCurly has long touted the benefits of sustainability, from the articles we publish, to our method of communication (a web site vs. a magazine) to our internal office practices to the products we sell.

Happy Go Local

NaturallyCurly's verdancy was cited recently in a book by Linsly Donnelly called "The Happy-Go-Local: The Smart Mom's Guide to Living the Good (and sustainable) Life!" She paid particular attention to sustainable hair care products, quoting NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle Breyer, who said, "The MOP brand offers lots of organic ingredients in their product line. " And "we love Little Sprout . . . We all want only the good stuff for our little ones, which means products that are safe . . ."

Linsly Donnelly

Linsly Donnelly

Author Donnelly says, "The reality is making our world —and our day to day—more eco-friendly, requires weaving together a myriad (or millions) of baby steps. Fortunately, a virtual tribe of small companies with big ideas make that easier for us to do. The entrepreneurial drive and passion these companies— and the people who build them—bring to the sustainability problem promises cleaner living across all areas of our lives. Between earth-loving hair care, organic taste treats and toxin-free fashion gear, small businesses create a large option set for crafting your personal green path..."

We know all our wonderful members are doing your part, too, to help the planet. To give you some ideas, we've created this amazing Sustainability Graphic, which offers ideas for reducing your damaging impact on the planet.

Check out our interactive graphic above and then enter your "green" story in the comments area below. Tell us how you're saving our Earth. We'll select 10 lucky winners who will get a copy of "Happy Go Local".