Hair Styling ToolsEvery time you head to the salon for a cut and style, you most likely watch as closely as you can in the hopes of duplicating the moves and techniques used to achieve the same look you have when you leave the salon. Unfortunately, when you get home and it's time to style your hair yourself, you end up finding that you are woefully lacking in skills.

Unless you've taken cosmetology courses, you're not going to have the training that your stylist received. However, all is not lost! This does not mean you can't achieve the same results at home.

Pay Attention

The next time you're in the beauty salon, notice the hair styling tools that your stylist uses. These consist of the same ones you most likely have in your home, but take time to look a little closer.

The curling irons or brushes, straightening irons, and other hair styling tools may be a different size than those you are using right now, or they may use tools that you have not been using. Tools can make all the difference in style outcome, so if you see that your stylist is using different varieties of the same tools you use at home, speak up and ask why.

Use the Right Tools

The tools you need will depend on several factors. These include, but are not limited to:

Your particular hairstyle

The length of your hair

Your hair's texture (normal, dry, oily, straight, curly, etc.)

Most hairstyles, except for the shortest or curliest ones will usually require a blow dryer. These range from small ones (600 to 900 watts) to larger ones (1200 watts or higher.) The size you will need depends on how long and thick your hair is.

Many blow dryers have different nozzle attachments. These can include nozzles that direct the airflow to a specific area or hair diffusers that allow the air to reach larger areas of your hair (these are often used with curly styles).

More Tips

Your stylist most likely makes use of curling irons or curling brushes, straightening irons, or other heat styling tools. It's true that learning how to use these properly can be a little tricky at first, but if you choose the right sized appliance, it will be easier. Smaller-barreled curling irons give you tighter curls or waves. Larger-barreled ones give you looser curls or waves.

Straightening irons have plates rather than barrels. Smaller plates let you work with smaller sections, and make it easier to straighten the under section of your hair. Larger plates let you work with larger sections—a plus when you're in a hurry.

Stylists do have access to hair styling tools that are designed specifically for professional salon use. Ask your stylist is he or she knows of anywhere you can purchase the product. Stylists can give great tips for where to gain certain items and if not, they can at least point you in the right direction of very similar products—those of which they probably use at home themselves.

You may also be able to order these products online. Expect to pay a little more than you would for styling appliances that you can purchase in retail stores if you choose professional salon use appliances.

Ultimately, mastering the hair styling styling tools can get you that fresh-from-the-salon look on a daily basis. All it takes is a little questioning, a little purchasing and a little practice and you are on your way to a great hair day, every day.