Curly Hair Solutions’ Tweek is a very unique product, and learning how to use it more effectively can vary from one curly head to another.

Because of its popularity, we have come up with several new and effective techniques that have evolved since we originally launched Tweek. Our latest and greatest technique can get your “day four” hairstyle back to looking as fresh as it was on day one and create endless volume and body. This technique is perfect for people with medium to loose curls.

With your hands, apply Tweek to your hair from roots to ends. Hang your head over forwards so you are able to heat your hair by using a diffuser. Get your hair heated up as hot as you can handle. When you stop heating and your hair starts cooling down, scrunch and squeeze your curls back to life.

Tweek is the perfect tool to hold and support each curl in position during the cooling down phase. You will have a “WOW” experience, and will be shocked at how effective heating Tweek can be. By using Curl Keeper and Tweek, you will ensure one hundred percent frizz-free fresh hairstyles every day.


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