Hey, guys! It's Nina Sultan here. Today I'll be doing another basic curly hair care routine video for you.

What is clarifying?

It is like using a shampoo on steroids. Clarifying is an essential part of your routine that is usually done once or twice a month, depending on the porosity of your hair. Clarifying is so important--how often you do it depends on what your hair type is and how badly you need it. Since I have very short and fine 3a curly hair, I only need to do this step once a month. I have a personal goal of one day using all organic products, so in the future I hope to transition to just clarifying with diluted apple cider vinegar (which some people call an ACV rinse). For now my store bought clarifying treatment works well for me. 

It restores your hair's body and shine--and gets rid of all that product build-up from your styling product, conditioner, shampoo, and any other products you apply to your hair. If you have the feeling that your hair reacts well to products and then over time it "gets used to" them, you may be experiencing the effects of product buildup. If your hair looks and feels dull and is not reacting well to products that usually work for you, it could be time to try a clarifying treatment.  If you have not incorporated monthly clarifying washes into your curly hair routine, it's important to start doing it now! Without further ado, let's begin.

What you'll need:

I like to try and get every single hair follicle, my roots, my ends, all over my hair. For about 3 to 5 minutes, I let the product sit and work into my hair. Usually this is my time to wash my body and shave. When the time is up, I rinse out my clarifying treatment thoroughly.

Once my hair is rinsed out, I like to restore the moisture back into my hair with SheaMoisture's conditioner. Although the scent is artificially fruity, it is so moisturizing--so I actually really love it. Then, I rinse out my conditioner and style my curls as usual. It is a very simple and easy (but necessary) routine!

Watch the video

What do you use to clarify?