Like many naturalistas, I’ve gone through the trials and tribulations of testing out the best products for my curl type.

It has been nearly 10 years since I’ve transitioned from my weave to my naturally curly hair--it feels like I’ve tried every product known to man. It's like you start to become your own scientist, mixing a curl cream with a gel and many other variations. Eventually you will run across “The One," the product that is your one and done, your old faithful, your holy grail, and it remains in your life...'til death do us part!

How I found "The One"

Budget. In the beginning, monthly visits to the drugstore were essential. To be a curl scientist, I had to conduct research. Budget was my first priority, as I knew I would try several brands. Typically, the brands and products that were highly marketed were the ones I tried first. If it was a brand that was normally made for straight hair and came out with a curl line, I was all over it. As long as the price was under $10 per product, I felt comfortable purchasing several items at once.

  • Filtering.

After several months of purchasing and using products at my budget price, I began filtering out the good from the bad. At that time, I focused only on what worked best on my curls. Most of the time, these products still contained ingredients high in silicones, parabens and sulfates.

  • Education.

Fast forward a few budget increased and I began using brands that were more focused on curls. The variety had doubled because of the endless options found both in the drugstore and high-end beauty supply stores. In addition, the demand for products made with less chemicals became the norm. I began to educate myself on the importance of ingredients and found that there are many alternatives.

Which brings me to “The One”...the one product that I would take on a deserted island and can use on it’s own to create the perfect curls. It’s not easy to settle on just one but when it comes to styling, DevaCurl Styling Cream is that very product.

Why it’s my fave

It works! And while it may not be under $10, it’s worth every penny, especially after experimenting for years and wasting money on products that do not work. It defines like a gel without the crunch and provides just enough moisture to my thirsty curls. With my fine, low-density, low-porosity, type 3 curls, this product can be applied after cleansing--I can count on great results every single time. (Don't know your hair type? Take our quiz now).

It’s free of the 'Big 3'

100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free. No, it’s not 100% certified organic, but it’s also not easy to find a product that is free of everything and still works amazing. Being free of 'the big 3' still gives me peace of mind everytime I use it.

It plays well with others

Even though this article is focused on one specific product, the DevaCurl Styling Cream mixes well with other products and brands. I can easily mix a gel or thickening cream from a different brand to have fantastic results.

So there you have it--you now know the product I can’t live without.

Even when I’ve strayed, it welcomes me back with open arms. It has a permanent place on my bathroom shelf because when you’ve found the one, you never let them go.

Have you found “The One?"

We want to know about your hair love story in the comments!

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