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If you’re a product junkie, then you probably have a stash of old products sitting around collecting dust because you’ve already moved on. Or maybe you’ve tried out a product or two that you didn’t like. In any case, there are some products sitting under your sink just waiting to be reused.


Whether it didn’t have enough slip, was too thick or thin, or didn’t pack a moisture punch, you can always use leftover conditioner as shaving cream. I discovered this in a bind when I ran out after doing one leg and did not want to suffer the consequences of shaving dry. The conditioner was handy so I slathered it on and was surprised at the close shave that I got without irritation. The best part was that my legs felt so soft when I was done.

Moisturizers and Leave-ins

If you have a moisturizer or leave-in collecting dust, try using it to moisturize your body. Many of the all natural moisturizers and body lotions have the same ingredients so why not use your hair product on your skin?

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Chelsea Fregis

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