Who has terrible nail polish upkeep and wears twist outs on a near constant basis?

This gyal.

They're cute, they're easy, they're fun, and I don't have to do anything more than detangle and twist to get them right, now that I have the BEST HAIR MILKS EVER in my product arsenal. But although my products have varied over the years, to be honest, I don't experiment very much with different hairstyles. It's largely because I don't ummmmmmm... DO drying my hair with a blow dryer anymore.

I think the last time I tried a blowout on a lark, despite my hair feeling GREAT post wash, I ended up with an unsustainable poof, and some unfortunate dryness. But once I got my hands on the Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion, I was ready to try the dryer again.


Their Instagram is fiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee. I need every company, regardless of industry, to see how EASY it is to get people excited by showcasing diversity even in just a FEW aspects, in this case, skin tone and hair type. And anything that inspires the cute reposts that their products do, has to get extra points there.

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The first time I grabbed a bottle of this from NC's "Try me" shelf, it spilled all over my bedroom because the flip cap had opened in my bag. I will say right off the bat, the way you're meant to use this product is fairly incompatible with the bottle it comes in—in fact, I'd rather have this as a spray. We're dealing with straight up liquid here, not a cream or lotion-y texture, and as clumsy as I am, this packaging is too conducive to user-error, to say nothing of making sure it got on my hair evenly. But since I've got fairly absorbent hair, and lots of it, erring on the side of saturation was a risk I went ahead and took.


You know I didn't go into using heat on my hair without some extra prep considering everything I've learned. I spritzed up with my spray bottle, moisturized with my, and you're gonna get really sick of hearing about this product with me, Avocado Hair Milk, and followed up on heat protection with some L'anza Keratin Healing Treatment. Once the preliminaries were done, I finger-combed the Lottabody lotion through and rolled up with my Bouncy Curls Rollers.

Once I was all set, I got under the HairFlair Hood and settled in, but since natural hair care takes a while, I did end up sleeping with my set in to get started the next day. No reason to waste a perfectly good look on just nighttime chores, right?

End Results

Y'all. This stuff delivered. I was promised shine, I got it. I was promised flake-free combability, I got it. I was promised hold, and to my GREAT surprise...I got it!

I was promised shine, I got it. I was promised flake-free combability, I got it. I was promised hold, and to my GREAT surprise...I got it!

I also transported myself back to 2007, and mirror selfies, but the mirror's clean and that counts for something. Right?

I put this through the patented April 'Running errands all day' test, and although the weather was nice and crisp for once, nothing moved. The shine and hold stayed all day, and bear in mind, not only was I sweating and carrying things, I was trying on shirts. This lotion has some staying power...even if I didn't quite get my ends rolled properly.

Final Verdict

I'm a big big BIG packaging nerd, and the counterintuitive bottling on this really threw me! However. Not only does this stuff not come at a super-premium price, it actually works, so I'm willing to be a little more forgiving and decant what I have into a dedicated spray bottle as needed. That's definitely the difference between an A+ and an A- though, so I'd encourage the brand to reconsider!

I'm spending the rest of today shaking my heat-stretched curls around, but I'm never too busy for feedback!

Has anyone out there used this to different results? Let us know in the comments, and if you get any good pictures out of your experiments, don't dare be too afraid to tag @naturallycurly and let us know!