For the most part, my super thick Type 4b hair pretty much laughs in the face of a little mist.

I’m usually skeptical of curl refreshers in general. For the most part, my super thick, Type 4b hair pretty much laughs in the face of a little mist. Or even worse, frizzes up to remind me who’s boss.

As a repeat protective styler, I have very little patience for my curls and coils. If they don’t want to behave, that’s fine by me! Braids, cap, and a wig and I’m set for the next seven days. I’ve recently started a new workout routine (Zumba, y’all--try it!) and my first experience working out with my wig was ummm, less than pleasantI was sweating, had the Whitney Houston sweaty upper lip thing going on, and the back of my neck was dripping. Any wig wearer knows the nape of the neck is already a treacherous point, it’s the first spot where matting and tangling start to brew. Can you imagine what happens when you throw in pools of Latin dance-induced sweat? Yeah, it ain’t pretty.

My hair and I had to get on the same page.

By day three of my braid-out, (two of which had been Zumba-fied) my hair was cotton ball level crazy. I wasn’t looking for the most insane curl definition but I did need a little help! Luckily I found the Kim Kimble's Kimble Beauty Liquid Curl Enhancer (available in Sally Beauty) in my beauty drawer. I think I got it after attending a soiree at her salon here in Los Angeles but never got around to trying it out. Curl refreshing mist with shea butter, coconut, jojoba, and wheat germ oil? It was worth a shot.

My major issue was that when I braided my hair I left out a healthy amount of leave-out for my wig.

When I removed the braids, I had a halfway decent braid out--and a perimeter of straight-up frizz. I sprayed the Curl Refresher on, put on a headband to try to train the front to stand up and blend, then got dressed. I sprayed on so much with my first trial that my hair was still frizzy, poofy, and wet when I left for the gym.

By the time I got there my hair was dry and dare I say, there was a curl happening! It blended with my braid-out (that I picked out a bit to add fluffiness) and it was all good! Unless your hair is in the 3’s I wouldn’t expect a defined curl or wave, but it is a really convenient way to get some texture and cooperation out of a ‘fro that’s on it’s last leg. (Now if I could get a refresher for my actual legs, I’d be in business).

Check out the curl enhancing results: 

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