Rated 5 stars on SHOPNaturallyCurly, the Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment has been a product I have been pining over to try. I support all things coconut, because I am one of those people who thinks the word alone will make my hair grow 5 inches overnight. Coconut is often slated to be a miracle ingredient to put on your hair, so please believe trying this was a serious matter for me, and it did not disappoint. Before Use I have never tried anything from Camille Rose Naturals before, so I didn’t have any expectations for how I thought it was going to perform in my hair. When I am not chasing my coconut obsession, I am a self identified “procrastinatural” as coined by @thoughtscaughtinmyfro, meaning I do the bare minimum with products and often push the envelope on how long I can go before I do a serious wash. It’s ok, you can go ahead and shake your head at me for admitting that.


During Use During UseAfter washing and conditioning my hair, I separated my hair into two sections, front and back. I used a quarter-sized amount on the front section and another quarter-sized amount on the back sections of my hair. From there, I squished the product into my hair, and gently smoothed it down the length of my coils. As a weird prequel I take before putting anything in or on my body, I like to smell it. Whether it be food, lotion, whatever, it’s getting smelled. This product had a super light scent though, with just the smallest notes of coconut. It definitely wasn’t overpowering, and I found that the scent lasted well into the next day once I applied this into my wash and go. My hair could have been properly moisturized from just the scent alone (which also made me later go to the store and buy a couple of bottles of coconut water to drink on the daily, obsession much?”>.



People, what you are seeing here, are happy and quenched curls with shrinkage like none other. Y’all, when I tell you my curls were juicy! Like Camille Rose got me all the way together. On the bottle, it says that this is a detangling treatment, but I didn’t use it that way. I just added it to my hair as a leave-in conditioner for a wash and go and went on my merry way. I wouldn’t look to this choice for definition, as I definitely had frizz all day, but my shine and moisture levels were on point.


Coming in at around $14.00 a bottle, I can say while the price point isn’t super magical, it’s still a good product and one I would buy again. Plus, if I were to have used it correctly, I would have gotten two products for the price of one, a detangler and a leave-in. Can’t beat it!

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