Dear CurlySuzy: My name is Kaci and I'm an African American teen with (who would know!) curly hair. I've been natural all my life, but since I've had my hair straightened for as long as I remember, it has never showed. I would simply stare at the beautiful washed wet hair before me and dream of having that hair and not the dried poof that followed. The reason I'm mailing is because I'm having a little trouble with putting my hair into a category. My hair looks exactly like this when wet and applying KCCC, but what type is it? What other products would you recommend for this type of hair? So far, I have only used Carol's Daughter and Kinky Curly. The two products have worked great for me. I'm pretty new to being a curly girl and would love to show off my curls instead of destroying them with a straightening comb. I would really appreciate your help!

Dear Kaci: Your hair type I think is a 3c. You are using great things so far. KCCC and Carol's Daughter products are really fantastic. Have you added or tried the Kinky-Curly Knot Today to the KCCC? That can give you a little more softness and control.

The other line you might consider is Curl Junkie. The owner has hair that is 3c. Here is a pictures of her. She has a lot of hair but the curl type is 3c.

My favorite Curl Junkie products are:

Good luck and please email me again if you have any more questions. I love getting emails from teens that are proud of their curls. You are great role models.